Accountability and Offering It Up

Chapter 4 personal reflections

1. How do I feel when a friend is experiencing success at weight loss? In general pretty happy for them though I do wonder where the motivation comes from.  The second question asks why I want to ask someone to hold me accountable or why I do not want to ask someone to keep me accountable. I do not really want to bother anyone but I do have a friend that is encouraging. She goes to the gym any chance she can get and always sends me a text about her success. I usually send her an encouraging note back and even went and exercised one day (just once!) so I could let her know she is an encourager to me. We don’t really hold each other accountable but we are each other’s personal cheerleader.

As for further accountability…I suppose I could start posting me weight on the blog and give myself a weekly grade. My oldest came up with the idea of the weekly grade. He likes the idea of his teacher getting graded. I have also added PE to our homeschool schedule for next week. Our schedule…me too.

Chapter 5

I am meant for more than this (struggle with emotional eating). I was not created to endure life with my black hole. This chapter is hard because it touched on my identity in Christ. My identity in Him is a truth I have struggled to understand and struggled to really accept. In my heart I feel like garbage. So many have thrown me away and I have accepted this lie as truth. You can’t hurt me when you toss me aside because I am garbage…meant to be tossed away.  As I typed that out just now… I see the origins of my black hole. I am redeemed. I am not garbage. I will not throw myself away…anymore.

In this chapter Lysa says to insert my name into certain verses of the Bible. Adding my name to scripture is a fairly new concept for me. Last month I received a beautiful gift from Kimberly at A Planting of the Lord. This was my first experience of seeing my name inserted into scripture. I treasure this gift from Kimberly. The moment I read the first one it was like being embraced by Love…that is the only way I can describe the experience.

Chapter 6 Self Discipline

Every part of this chapter reminded me of my days in the Catholic Church. Just “offer it up.” If you are Catholic you know what that means. I have never heard a Protestant say that phrase. So if you have no understanding of that phrase just read this chapter. Lysa explains the spiritual art of self-discipline and self-control rather well. No hair-shirts required…praise Jesus! So, by denying myself unhealthy appetites I can grow closer to God. The physical sacrifice leads to spiritual growth and an opportunity to embrace my God instead of replace Him with the idol of food. The swirling mass of need in my soul can only be filled by Jesus, only Jesus.

Still not craving water…but it doesn’t taste as bad these days…I’m claiming it as a small victory!


4 thoughts on “Accountability and Offering It Up

    1. I understand. My husband’s father died shortly after we were married. I did not know him very well but I did enjoy getting to know him and other family members who has already passed on through everyone’s stories. I am so sorry you and your family are having to let go of someone so dear and I will wait for you. In the family of Christ we are sisters and your sorrow is my sorrow.


  1. I hear you. It is really hard to ask someone for something so personal. Because basically, we are asking someone ” Do you care about me?” No one wants to be rejected and we are risking that when we ask someone to hold us accountable. I understand your fear and share it. But I am getting tired of living in fear. I hope God places someone in your life or already has that you can feel comfortable enough to share accountability. You will really be sharing Christ’s love with one another.


  2. I will not ask for help or want an accountable person, but you know it is something I have slowly starting to realize it is OK to ask for help and have an accountability partner. I am sure this has nothing to do with the fact that it takes me a while to trust people or fear of…… I am just so thankful to know that I can trust God and He always put the right people in my life I need, I just need to remember to open my heart to those people and not be afraid.


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