My Brother

I have finally talked to my brother. He is in the hospital and will be there for a few months. He is accepting the help he very desperately needs. His 15 year career in the military is over. He is still in need of prayers as he salvages his life and begins the process of starting over. But maybe this is just what he needs…a new beginning.

I took care of him when we were kids. I was more mom than big sister. I learned to cook standing on a chair when we couldn’t find our mom. I taught him to be quiet and out of sight when our dad was in a certain mood. I did my best to keep him out of trouble. We moved so much as military kids that he was my best friend as well as my little brother.  I will take care of him again. I have to…

4 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. Hi dear friend. You have been nominated for an “Inspiring Blogger” award. I hope this will extend a wide net of prayers who will surround you with many more warm hugs via the internet! Your faith has inspired me.

    So here are the rules for acceptance:

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    Congratulations again!


  2. I hope you know you’ve had my prayers daily and will continue to have them. I can so relate to your story of raising your brother. Out of necessity I raised my two sisters and thankfully they are well adjusted and that’s due to the grace of God alone. As a military wife I also can relate to the pressure that a military life brings with it. If enough of us pray, amazing things will happen and your brother will also be saved by grace! Jerimiah 29:11.

    I’m so glad you posted this and now I pray the avenues of talk will remain open between you, my new dear Christian friend.


    1. Your words are like a warm hug! We talk every day now and he is coming to terms with his actions. He is working on “getting well” and preparing for a life without the military. Thank you for the prayers. When we get him here I will write a post. He may be transfered to a closer VA and I will be able to visit him by the first of the year…hopefully.


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