2013 To Do List

This is my very first New Year’s resolution!!! I avoid these things because I am afraid that I will fail. Or I know that some goal really isn’t important to me at all. I would like some things to be important but they are not and I fall. This year really is different. I have to make some changes…for me…for my husband and kids…for my brother…because I love Jesus and I am grateful for the life He is giving me now. Really grateful…the kind of gratitude that goes from lukewarm to changing the way I see everything and everyone around me. Some kind of switched turned on somewhere in my soul and now everything is different.

I’ll give you an example: I took a meal to a friend who just had surgery. A nice thing to do..pat myself on the back for being a good friend and Christian and all that…This family is dear to me. I love them…more than they know really. I never get to spend enough time with them. With one of them not able to work at the moment things are a little tight for them. Before leaving I told them that if they needed anything else to let me know and I would be happy to help. The Spirit convicted me and I cried all the way home. Huge tears, loud sobs. I felt like a failure as a Christian! My brother is humbled by his situation and I tell him to humble himself further and make him ask for what he needs?!?!? A Christian’s eyes should be open to see the need and fill it.

I feel like a horse with blinders over my eyes. The really frustrating part is that I know the blinders are still there. I think that if for a moment I could really see the way Jesus sees us that I would die of a broken heart…

Well I got a little off subject…

1. Be healthier. My back is killing me and my current diet isn’t helping either. I need to lose 30 pounds. So healthier food choices and daily exercise. This resolution will be hard…
2. Be a better wife and mother. I’ve been coasting for a while here. I haven’t been bad but I haven’t been great. I’m going to embrace my biblical place in the family and I couldn’t be more excited about a resolution!!!
3. My brother will not be a visitor in my home he will be home…with us. I want him to know he can stay as long as he needs to. He is not a visitor he is HOME. This resolution is needed.
4. Get my CCDW license. Look out y’all!!!
5. I will complete these resolutions to the Glory of my God…cause I am a just another Jesus girl. He is my everything and I plan to live that way…


5 thoughts on “2013 To Do List

  1. Know that the LORD sees your beautiful heart. 🙂 He is pleased by your desire to honor Him!

    Thought I’d pass on this wonderful website: http://womenlivingwell.org/ and also recommend the book “The Privilege of Being a Woman” by Alice von Hildebrand. I haven’t finished it yet – I’m about halfway through – but you would probably enjoy it.

    I am enjoying your blog and I look forward to reading more entries!


    1. Thank you so very much! I will check out your suggestions and thank you so much for reading…as much as i enjoy reading other blogs never in my woldest dreams did I think anyone would want to read mine!!


  2. What is a CCDW license? Love your resolutions. I need to lose about 40 pounds. I keep trying to and always fail :(. I also am going to try to eliminate yeast for 2 weeks. I think this will help me feel less tired. I got some CandiGone and am hoping this helps. It’s supposed to remove yeast overgrowth from your system and make you feel more energetic. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m going to try it. I was realizing the other day how many needy people are in my life too. I am so blessed, but sometimes I don’t want to bless others. I think they need to earn it or something. How sad. God doesn’t make me earn His love or gifts, but I expect that of others. Ugh, I need to grow some more! It’s true — we would die of broken hearts if we really loved as God loved. What’s that song “Break my heart for what breaks yours” Thats a loaded prayer. I think if God broke our hearts for what broke His heart, we would be devastated.


    1. The CCDW is a license to carry a concealed weapon. I keep going back and forth over getting one…

      I’ve never come accross anything about yeast but I will look into it. My diet is really unhealthy…I’ve been reading about inflammation in the body and the connection this has with nutrition.

      I am so guilty too of getting wrapped up in my own little world and not noticing the messes and needs around me. And sadly at times I have not helped because of a “let them waller in their own mess” attitude. My heart grows cold and lacks compassion sometimes. But I know that Jesus will warm our hearts with His instruction.


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