Christmas Around the World part 2

Well, I meant to finish this post before Christmas…it didn’t happen. I had a harder time recuperating from our trip to Disney than expected. Disney at Christmas is fun and it was the perfect place to turn 40. I enjoyed Wishes and the Electrical Parade on my birthday. Truely I am loved and blessed by my family. Life is great living your own happily ever after!

The Epcot storytellers are fantastic. We did not get to see them all while there but I happened to find a YouTube link. They are worth watching while learning about Christmas in each of the countries. Italy’s La Befana made me cry. The kids really liked the Canada storyteller and the Monkey King in China. The Monkey King is about Buddha and New Year’s not Christmas…

My Pintrest link will take you to the WDWInfo page on YouTube where you can find the storytellers on the right side of the screen. I’ll put the following links in but I did not know how long Disney will leave them posted…so they may not work at a later date…

ChinaMoroccoJapan,   Italy,   CanadaMexicoGermanyNorwayUnited KingdomFrance

The kids really enjoyed the storytellers as part of their Christmas unit…almost as much as making recipes from each country. We didn’t get to everything I had planned but I will save the undone projects for next year. Throwing a week long visit to Walt Disney World a week before Christmas turned out to be a bit more than I could chew…However…it counts as a field trip…right?





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