What’s Up With My Brother

Green RampSeveral of you have left me notes asking about my brother. He is ok at the moment. I worry over him every day and call him several days a week. He is in the process of getting out of the military and that takes a while. He could be out a bit sooner but he is pushing to get diagnosed and treated for his problems. He has PTSD and is being treated for it but the military will not give him the diagnosis for PTSD. As far as the military is concerned the VA can deal with him. They just want to kick soldiers like him suffering with PTSD out. CAll me picky, but I believe he should be treated for his problems caused by his service to our country before getting kicked to the curb. It can take years going through the VA to get diagnosed and treated for PTSD!! No wonder we have homeless veterans and a high suicide rate among soldiers and veterans!!!

I am sick with grief the way the military is treating our soldiers. My brother has PTSD because he is an American hero. He has been deployed several times. He served in Kosovo. And he has served in Iraq and Afghanistan several times each. The more I learn about PTSD the more heart-sick I am. How can we as a nation turn our back on these soldiers? They have sacrificed so much for us and now we just toss them aside like garbage!

My brother decided to fight for his treatment. He wasn’t going to at first but some fellow veterans came to see him. They encouraged him to fight for himself and one of them called me to tell me how to help him. I will fight for my brother. He is my baby brother and I won’t lose him to PTSD, alcohol, or our troubled childhood. He is worth fighting for and that’s the easy part…making him see that he is worth fighting for is the hard part. I won’t give up.



9 thoughts on “What’s Up With My Brother

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. The military is honestly working on the problem – I’m active duty Army, too and we’re constantly going through trainings to fix the stigmas against therapy and it’s unfortunately a slow process. I hope all they are doing will eventually work. II hope your brother can find the right doctor to give him a diagnosis – maybe even pay for a private (non-military) therapist to help him get treatment, if for nothing more than his own well-being? Hope he gets hissituation figured out. ~Jenn from Mosaic Reviews team (DisneyBabiesBlog)


    1. Hi Jenn! Currently my brother is working on getting a diagnosis from a doctor off base and is also about to start a sleep study to help prove his case. I appreciate your service to our country and pray for all soldiers deployed and stateside.


  2. There is nothing impossible with God and I will definitely pray for a godly solution to his condition. As a twenty year military wife, I am so blessed that my husband never had to face what yoru brother is facing.

    Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope you know that you and your brother are surrounded by love right now. God’s loving Hand is there for your brother to reach out to, but he might be wondering how a “loving” God could make war happen after what he’s seen. There is so much power in prayer and it’s so hard for us to let go and trust God though, isn’t it? That’s what faith is all about.

    As a former employee of Teen Challenge, I’ve personally seen God-changed lives through their marvelous organization. Do you have access to any of them where you are? I’m so grateful to be your sister in Christ and will continually lift you up with prayer.


    1. I am not sure if there is a Teen Challenge near here but will check into it. There is a Celebrate Recovery group in town that I hope he will fit into. The VA also has a 3 month program that he hopes to sign up for to help him with his alcohol problem and integration into civilian life as well has helping him cope with PTSD. He won’t be able to get on the waiting list until he is released from active service.
      Thank you for the prayers! We covet them.


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