First Resolution Done…Well Almost

CCDW targetActually, I finished the hardest part of one of my 2013’s to do list. This past weekend I passed the tests that will allow me to apply for a CCDW (Conceal Carry Deadly Weapon)…after all the paperwork processes. It will still take a few months for all of that to get pushed through the system.

The class took all day and I had a great time…well mostly. Listening to a video of lawyers isn’t entirely exciting but I did manage to stay awake. I was so nervous and worried over failing the shooting part. I’ve had very little practice and was so sure that I would miss the target and fail. Well, I didn’t fail…all of my shots hit the target!!! My nerves (and it was freezing outside) had me shaking so bad the instructor told me to “just breathe” a few times. I am pretty sure I can get a better grouping next time when I am not in a pass/fail situation. My brother promises to help me be a better shot when he arrives. I hope he is a patient teacher…

Our other big event this weekend was JR’s sixth birthday party. How can he be six already!? Motherhood is a painful vocation at times. I love to watch them grow and cherish homeschooling them but having to let go a little more each year is heartbreaking. A friend of mine’s little boy is joining the Marines next month…I just can’t imagine my kids all grown up. But I know one day I will be standing in her shoes as I watch mine leave home too. Time for a good cry now…

3 thoughts on “First Resolution Done…Well Almost

  1. Okay, I have total mommy brain right now. When I read your New Year goals awhile back I thought that you were getting your CDL… as in driving a semi-truck or something. I laughed when I read this post… somehow your CCDW makes more sense! LOL.


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