A Quick Note On My Brother

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have expressed concern for my brother, offered prayers on his behalf, for the cards and many calls. Your support and continued prayers are very appreciated. If you are a little in the dark about what is going on you can catch up here and here. I’ve written a bit more about him but these two posts give you the big picture. (If you want to know more, type “brother” in the search box on my page.)

My brother will finally be here this week!!! My husband will make the drive to Ft. Bragg and bring my baby brother home…I am so blessed to be married to my husband. I kinda feel like I am sending my Knight in Shining Armor to rescue my wounded brother from the jaws of death. I know that sounds a little (ok more than a little) dramatic…but that is how I feel about my brother’s situation. My brother should be in a hospital receiving treatment for his PTSD…instead the military is just discharging him. I’ve got a tremendous amount of anger inside of me over my brother’s treatment from the military…so much that it is best I not share more than that for now. The way our politicians (can’t really use the word “leaders” anymore…that would imply some level of care for citizens) are treating our soldiers is just wrong…

Anyway…my brother will be here at the end of the week!! I am excited to have him here with my family. I know the best place for him right now is with us. Here he can rest and heal until he is well and strong. Looking back I can see how Jesus was preparing our family to receive my brother…Wow! My Lord provides! Please, please keep my brother (and all soldiers and veterans) in your prayers.





9 thoughts on “A Quick Note On My Brother

  1. He does need a mentor that he can relate to. Finding someone that has survived and is now thriving is proving difficult. He served in six deployments and two peacekeeping missions (some of the worst he saw was during these peace keeping missions in the Balkans). So far the VA doctors we have seen all say they are not qualified to help him! I know the VA will get him to the medical help he needs but it is such a slow moving machine that it is frustrating for me. Right now he is starting to isolate himself from us and I am scared for him. I know that God is with us…I have no strength or knowledge in me to handle this situation on my own. One thing I have learned is that God will bless me grace and strength as needed. Had I not dealt with my own past and found the strength to forgive I would be a basket case now. Everyday my brother brings up the abuse we suffered as kids and it is hard some days. But I have a peace he does not have and I hope that he can find his way to Jesus and some peace of his own. Thank you for your prayers and sisterly love.


  2. Oh Storyad I am so sorry I haven’t been following your posts as I always do – I had been preparing for our daughter’s visit from Delaware. I hadn’t seen her in nearly six years and she’s never seen our home so that meant a lot of cleaning, grocery shopping and other necessities. I now feel like Martha when I should have been Mary.

    You are in my prayers soooo much – primarily when I’m walking my little dog and I pray for those who have touched my heart. Yes, as a former military wife, I totally agree that politicians have forgotten our military unless there’s so way they can benefit from supporting some program or whatever.

    I sincerely pray that God’s light will shine from you and that your brother will understand that all things happen for a reason with God – perhaps this came about because he will help others through his painful testimony. I’ll also be praying for your strength and testimony. That your endurance under stress will prevail! I’ll also pray for opportunities for your husband, you and your pastor to speak to your brother. Stand tall and faithful under the pressure of having someone else in the home.

    I pray I won’t fail you again with my steadfast prayers. Of all followers, you have touched my heart the most- Love and strength to all of you at this time, Ellie


    1. Ellie! Do not feel bad. I hope you had (having) a wonderful time with your daughter. I can’t imagine not seeing mine in nearly six years…but she is only seven…My brother is in terrible shape. I feel helpless and so so sad. Your note today was the encouragement I needed. Thank you for your kind heartfelt words. I am truly depending on prayers and I believe my brother’s life depends on these prayers.


      1. If I’m not being too bold, do you have family devotions, anyone who has gone through similar trials in your home town or is there a respected pastor that your brother can speak to? God has laid it on my heart to fervently pray for ‘opportunities’ for someone to come forth and witness to him for I truly believe nothing is impossible with God!

        I can imagine how angry your brother is with God and life in general. This is normal. It is also normal for Jesus to have protective arms around him and uphold him. I am praying that your brother will come out of this and be a shining light for others who have gone through similar darkness. God bless and strength be provided for all of you.


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