Of Superman Days and Supermen

Super heroes...

Super heroes…

We recently enjoyed a daytrip to Metropolis for Superman Days. We went on Friday and avoided most of the crowds but still got to see a few people in costume. I looked for a good quality Dr. Who t-shirt but couldn’t find one…the shirts there seemed like the type that would fade and fall apart after the first washing. The weather was just right and I think the kids got a kick out of all the superheroes strolling about. There were a few that I couldn’t name and some should maybe consider dressing up in a costume with less spandex…

As I was searching the vendor stalls looking for the perfect…and still ellusive Dr. Who t-shirt…I started thinking about sin and legacy. Kinda odd thoughts for a Superhero festival but those were my thoughts. I was a little down at first…thinking about sin and the dark taint it leaves behind. Our sins hurt everyone around us and it moves outward like a stone’s ripple in water. The wounds of generational sin especially bothers me and is something I suffer over. I come from such a completely broken and  messed up family. I try very hard not to pass any of that ugly legacy onto my own children.

Then I began to thing about the real supermen in my life. My husband is my very own personal superhero…but I also thought about another man. Mr. N is the father of a dear Jesus sister. She is a strong Christian influence on me and has helped me through some of my spiritual struggles. She is part of a Bible study group that I look forward to every month…actually she started the group and leads most of the studies. She is amazing and her legacy is strong. Her legacy is passed to her by her parents…especially her dad. I got to thinking about her dad and how his life has influenced mine in such a positive way. He barely knows me and yet his influence on me is strong through his daughter and the community he serves.

I told Jesus that if I could have picked anyone in the whole world to have been my parents I would have picked him…Mr.N and his family. They are a beautiful Christian family…a strong family with a strong legacy. I am so privileged to know them. A type of legacy I hope to leave to my own children.

As I watched two of my sons bounce on…not sure what that contraption is named…I thought of another man. A Christian man I have never met who’s life touched mine through Mr. N.  These two men were accountability partners. Recently, Mr. N’s friend left us all to join Jesus. He influenced my life through the daughter of his friend. I think that is beautiful. He left a strong legacy for those who love him and miss him and my heart grieves for his loved ones. Someday…I will meet him in Heaven.

I believe the good things matter. Our friendships matter. Our love for one another matters. These good and beautiful moments become our legacy and move outward touching the lives of complete strangers. Grateful strangers. Anyway, these were my thoughts while wondering around Metropolis and watching the superhero parade. I am glad Jesus reminded me to be grateful for the lives and influence of the superheroes in my life…even the ones I have never met.


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