Weekly Wrap-up #5

Oldest taking care of Littlest

Oldest taking care of Littlest

cloud in a jar

cloud in a jar

Our science experiment this week was making a cloud in a jar. The experiment is from Apologia’s Astronomy book in the Uranus and Neptune chapter. Thankfully it is one of the easier experiments and I had everything on hand…that usually never happens. To do the experiment: Fill a glass clear jar half full with very hot water. Toss a lighted match into the jar and cover with a bag of ice. We covered ours with a lunch box ice pack. Wait a minute and watch the cloud form! Quick and easy! The kids had a lot of fun doing this several times and setting the cloud free.

Today my husband took a half day from work and went on a field trip with us. We went to see the Nina and Pinta. These are replicas of Christopher Columbus’ ships. The ships are staffed by volunteers and are really amazing to see. I am glad we got to see them so soon after studying Columbus. One of the crewmen we met is a marine archaeologist. Oldest was impressed to meet an “actual” archeologist since it is (at this point in his life) one of two career choices he has made…the other being an engineer like his Dad. The question he had for the archaeologist was how Columbus’ crew went to the bathroom…sigh…I wonder if that made us the weird homeschool family for the day…Despite the awkward question we enjoyed a beautiful day out and ice cream.


I also joined up with Atlantamomofthree!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up #5

  1. Cloud in a bottle is cool! We’ve done somethign similar where you put very warm water in a baby food jar and put a drop of blue food coloring in it. Fill a larger glass jar (3/4 of the way up) with ice cold water and submerge the baby food jar into it. You SEE the warm water rise. VERY cool! 😀
    The ships sound like fun to see! Glad you got to do that.


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