Living and Active Challenge

You’ve been drafted. I need an accountability partner and am finding it tough to find someone. Never mind, scratch that. My sweet friend Yoga Girl just stepped up to the plate! She just agreed on Facebook as I was writing this up. I still plan to write-up a weekly post on the five-week challenge that is getting started. You can join in on the challenge at Peak313 Fitness. All of the instructions for the challenge are on her site.

-exercise at least four times a week for twenty-five minutes each

-take a before picture

-take body measurements and weight

-memorize weekly Scripture

I will also track my diet which isn’t a real joy for me but I think I’ll do better with my eating plan if I write every little crumb down. I actually started yesterday and I’ve managed to get a workout in today.  I also plan to workout at least five times a week instead of four. I will post the before and after measurements at the end of the challenge.

My challenges: It is allergy season for me so I do not feel like exercising…my head hurts all the time. I am ready for a good frost to wipe out all the ragweed…My other challenge is that my mother is showing up next week. I might have a hard time squeezing in the workout routine…or I might run screaming through the neighborhood to let off some stress. Surely that will count as exercise!



2 thoughts on “Living and Active Challenge

  1. I am blessed to have you as a partner! How exciting to be doing JM together. We need to get together. This week little crazy but after this things should be somewhat normal and we should be settled in our new routine. Let’s kick some calories!!


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