Weekly Wrap-up #7 Double Birthday Week

the leader of the pack

the leader of the pack

We enjoyed a short three-day school week followed by two full days of “field trips”. Both Oldest and Sparkles had birthday’s this week so my husband took a couple of days off work and we went to the St Louis Zoo on Thursday and to Land Between the Lakes today.

Sparkles turned eight on Thursday. She wanted her ears pierced for her birthday and we will get that done on Monday…we also have Literature Club that day and my mother will arrive too. Monday may be scary for me…Anyway, we had a blast at the zoo. Getting to St. Louis was not so much fun. We lost about two hours on the way due to road construction. Frustrating. We ended up sitting in front of the VA hospital in Marion Illinois for just over half an hour. My brother is being treated there so I ended up thinking about him for a while.

at the planetarium

at the planetarium

Oldest turned ten today…wow! Ten years…I really just don’t know what to say. If I dwell on it too long then I’ll start to cry.  We gave him a Snap Circuit set for his birthday. He wasn’t sure what to think of it at first but he is hooked after building a working radio. We went to the planetarium at LBL and watched a little show about the sun and planets. We are nearly finished with our astronomy book so it was a nice little review of our studies. We then went to see the bison at birthday boy’s request. LBL is nice but I always get a little upset when I think about all of the families the government removed from their homes and land. It always leaves me wondering about our perception of freedom…

Tomorrow I will spend the day cleaning and making birthday cakes for the little birthday party on Sunday. My husband will decorate the cakes tomorrow night. Next week my mother will arrive…that spells stressed-out for me.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up #7 Double Birthday Week

  1. Happy Birthday to your kiddos! Time flies so fast!! I was just thinking about that tonight as I was holding our baby (12m) and thinking “I could sit here all night” time flies!!! Enjoy this time too – every day starts a new season and its just as good (but different)!!! ❤ Love the zoo photos! Reminds me I want to go to our zoo!


    1. Now is a good time to go to the zoo since most are back in school now. The only down side is that some of the animals are not on display. My favorite to see is the okapi but their area was being remodeled so I didn’t see them this year.

      I love to hold my babies too…they grow up too fast. Oldest already wants to hang out more with my husband and it is hard to get a good night kiss sometimes 😦


  2. Double digits, yikes!! Enjoy celebrating the bdays!! Do you think God placed you in front of the VA hospital for a reason, hmmm. I will be praying for peace for you with your upcoming visit and remember stressed spells desserts backwards so enjoy those yummy bday cakes!! 🙂 HUGS!!


    1. I prayed for him…there wasn’t much else I could do at the moment. It was an interesting spot to be stuck in traffic. I am hoping there will not be much cake or ice cream left or I will end up eating it…


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