How I Got My Groove Back

Ok, who am I kidding with that title!? I’ve never had rhythm…heck, I can barely clap along with a song! One time my sweet husband took my to a Josh Turner concert and he is still, to this day, amused by my inability to clap in beat to the music. Sad, I know. Thing is, I can hear in my mind when I should clap but physically just can’t manage it. Must have thunked my head too many time as a kid…or something. Surely, you can sympathize with my inadequate timing capabilities when my kids get a guitar or piano lesson involving timing. The metronome cannot help me and I just have to trust they “get it.” If they ever become true musicians all credit is due their music instructors and my husband.

Are You insane?! We have to walk an entire mile!?

Are You insane?! We have to walk an entire mile!?

So what am I happy about? I’ve finally found a way to get a workout into my schedule as a-stay-at-home-homeschool-mom-with-four-kids-who-are-always-under-her-feet-syndrome. I’ve tried going to the gym really early in the morning and that would’ve worked except the only gym in town is…well…not so great. I’m a modest girl and let’s just say their showering facility…not for the comfortably nude. And their child care wasn’t designed for those who care about their children. There is a Curves in town but they only keep bankers hours…useless!

The shuffle-pick-up test with stuffed animals

The shuffle-pick-up test with stuffed animals

I’ve tried using my treadmill…doesn’t work with toddlers…just trust me on that one. I’ve tried workout videos and I like some of them…so long as I can pretend to punch Jillian Michaels in the face while I do punches or kick boxing. But those get boring after a while. Not to mention that babies and toddlers just will not WAIT for me to finish a workout before needing me. As they have gotten older I’ve tried letting them workout with me. Just so you know…children get bored with workout videos quicker that adults…like instantly.

I’ve struggled to find a consistent way to workout for ten years. Finally, I’ve found a way to get in a workout with the stay-at-home-homeschool-mom-with-four-kids-who-are-always-under-her-feet-syndrome. (Insert heavenly music and light show here!)

I found Family Time Fitness.

In other words…homeschool PE. The kids and I start our day with a forty to sixty minute physical education session (we always play tag after PE). The kids think it is tons of fun and my muscles are actually sore! I have been sore for just over a week now!!! My body hurts…it’s wonderful!  After using this curriculum for a week I can honestly tell you that my wiggly-fort-building-loving-boys are more focused during school and we all have a better attitude…even me. My husband is even joining us on the living healthier lifestyle adoption. He joined in with us on the physical fitness assessment tests and has started working out too. We both have developed bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles and we do NOT want to pass this on to our kids. I just do not want my daughter to feel about herself the way I feel. I don’t want my children to struggle with poor food choices and…all that. We are making this change together as a family…and that is the part that matters.

I see brighter days ahead…

FYI…I am not affiliated with Family Time Fitness…I just want to hug them!


8 thoughts on “How I Got My Groove Back

  1. I thought that I was alone with the beat deficit thing, but alas I have found a comrade! I can’t clap to music to save my life. Often times in church Josh will grab my hands (gently and all) and try to clap them correctly to the beat. Then he lets go and all is awry again. I only recently found out that it is truly a condition. One of my homeschool moms treats it through music therapy. I don’t have time to keep the sticky off of the floor, let alone learn how to clap to the beat, but it is nice to know you’re clapping off kilter with me.


    1. Comrades in Beat Deficiency! Love it!!!! I think it is some sort of Sensory Integration issue…we under process sound or something. My startle reflux is also a few seconds off which cracks my husband up. I even have trouble understanding anyone who talks quickly…


  2. I have a hard time finding time to workout as well. My kids are really into fitness and the little (1 year old) seems to be quickly following in their foot step. We work out as a family. My son research a 15 minute core exercise program which we do 3 to 4 times a week. We swim as a family, and do track as well. The little we goes in a backpack or jogging stroller at the track. Swimming we take turns doing laps (timing our selfs). Our greatest work out is cranking the music and dancing like crazy monsters for as long as we can. Dancing is an amazing way to workout.
    I have to workout with the kids because I am the only parent with them all the time. I love it because we get support and spend time together.


    1. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!I have start doing the Wii Dance with my daughter for a few evenings every week and we have fun together. My boys are not into dancing…


  3. I am going to have to check out Family Time Fitness! Exercising (especially if I am trying to do it alone) is so challenging if the kids are awake. I can’t motivate myself to get up early and if I exercise too late then I can’t go to sleep. This looks like a good solution! Great job:)


  4. That’s awesome! I know what you mean about toddlers not waiting…my two year old is (at least partially) responsible for my lack of exercise motivation because of how he typically responds to me doing it! 😛
    And is there anyone who DOESN’T want to punch Jillian?! I will not buy any of her workouts. lol


    1. Two year olds are tuff…some days I just didn’t have the fight in me to workout and deal with the littles…so I didn’t workout. Then I would feel guilty for not finding a way to take care of myself…It is a mean cycle that I have hopefully escaped for good.


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