Weekly Wrap-up: The Week with the Twitch

Littlest and Oldest find some bonding time

Littlest and Oldest find some bonding time

I was a little worried about getting all of our lessons in this week when I decided to add homeschool physical education. I was afraid our day would be longer but on the days we do our exercises we actually get done just as quickly. I’m not sure that I am down any weight yet but having a set routine is helpful. Right now I am working on losing the four pounds I gained during my mother’s visit.

I also developed a twitch in my left thumb during my mother’s visit. Sometimes it would twitch all night long…well I was sleeping so I can’t say for sure…but my arm would feel tired all the next day. I’ve learned it is a response to stress, Benadryl, and caffeine. From what I understand it is a response that will most likely remain for the rest of my days. I’ve experimented with my caffeine intake this week and there is a definite correlation (insert sorrowful wailing here). So I will give up coffee and chocolate. Please, please pray for my poor family! The new exercise routine should help me to deal with stress some but I will also have to find something else to help me. I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that my ability to endure stress has decreased. I can’t watch the news anymore. Just thinking about seeing certain people or being in certain situations makes me feel anxious. There are days I want to move far, far away from society.

Littlest took several unexpected naps during school time

Littlest took several unexpected naps during school time

Personal troubles aside our school week was great. We started a very long study on the Pilgrims with Pilgrim Stories by Margaret Pumphrey. The kids just love the book so far and we are going to have a hard time putting it away for our science week. The kids will be sad to learn that next week is our last with Apologia’s Astronomy. They have loved the lessons and I am very pleased with their retention of the information. It is always sad for my scholars to end a study…so I am sure there will be a few tears next Friday.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: The Week with the Twitch

  1. Oh goodness! I have given up coffee before, so I know it is possible, but I did miss it! I have also had random eye twitching from time to time, and I think it was caused by stress. Thankfully, it just left on its own after a while. Praying things improve for you soon:)


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