Weekly Wrap-up: Sickness and Thunder Snow

feeling sick

feeling sick

All systems normal is not the motto for this week. Littlest began the downhill swing into sickness beginning on Sunday with a cough and stuffy nose. On Monday he had a low-grade fever and by Tuesday he was at 103 degrees and wanted in my lap all the time. I could not just take him to the doctor since our doctor’s office is in the middle of transitioning to a new location and new hospital affiliation (hopefully they are able to accept our health insurance). Providentially, they did consult with me on the phone and Littlest is starting to feel better with the meds. Thankfully my brother-in-law had a nebulizer we could borrow and he even brought it to our house since I was without a vehicle for the day…well, one that could fit all the kids and their car seats anyway.

front yard this morning

front yard this morning

We’re also bracing ourselves for a little winter storm that started rolling in yesterday. The sky is dropping ice as I type and the temperature is steadily falling. Areas to the west of us are also experiencing “thunder snow”. The snow isn’t supposed to arrive here for a few more hours. When it does get here I hope it will thunder for us too…not sure why I find that exciting but I do. The kids and I went out on Wednesday after guitar lessons to gas up the “Batvan”…that’s what the kids call the minivan. I should get a CD of Batman theme songs to listen to as we drive around town…wouldn’t that be fun. Anyway, the gas stations in town were crazy! One of them I could not get to and the

back yard starting to show ice

back yard starting to show ice

other was out of the gas the van uses at two pumps so I just left. The third station I visited was just a little out-of-town (and actually closer to home) and no waiting at the pumps! I was a bit surprised by all the frantic hecticness around town. I should have taken the hint then and went home. Instead we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. People were crazy in there and we ended up leaving without getting everything on the list. No big deal, really.

My last review for the Mosaic team is coming up soon…maybe today so long as the power holds. The team is changing and we would have to write for a web page instead of our individual blogs. I like writing on my blog because it can be informal and sharing in nature. Web pages are formal and have a professional and polished feel to them. I liked being part of the team and will miss everyone. I was considering leaving the team anyway but the new changes made the decision for me.

We will be wrapping school up early today. My crew wants to be upstairs and watch the ice and snow fall…so we will do just that. Maybe I can catch up on some reading or research. I am a bit bummed out today because I had planned a night out with my husband…we’ve not been out together in ages it seems…silly winter storm. Maybe next weekend…

Well shortly after posting this my friend posted this pic on my Facebook page. Batvans are cool!!!





8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Sickness and Thunder Snow

  1. I hope your little guy feels better soon! I understand the dilemnas we get into when we only have one car! Right now we have two but for a long time we only had the one car. I must say this though our life was slower and simpler. I love Wal-Mart in the morning when it’s me and the elderly folks we have a wonderful time. Hit it before the kids gets out of public school and it’s just like any other grocery store. Blessings Friend, Kyle


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