Weekly Wrap-up: Armageddon and Angry American

Sparkles and Middle Boy at Pella Christmas party

Sparkles and Middle Boy at Pella Christmas party

With a title like that you’d think I had a hum-dinger of a week…but not really. We had a really nice week. My husband and I enjoyed our date night out and finished up some Christmas shopping. My husband’s family draws name for Christmas and I drew one of my brother-in-law’s. I asked his wife for some hints but she just said to get him a “tool or something”. I have no idea how to pick out tools nor do I have a clue what sort of tools he needs or wants. But with my husband’s help I managed to get him some non tool things for Christmas that I hope he will enjoy. And with that all of our Christmas shopping and gift wrapping is done. Yeah!!

Oldest and Littlest coloring together

Oldest and Littlest coloring together

Saturday we took the kids skating. Sparkles won two games and Oldest won one game as well. Later, we went to my husband’s place of work for the kids’ Christmas party. I think it is really nice that Pella provides fun for the company kids during Christmas and Easter every year. The kids always have a good time and I get to meet some of my husband’s co-workers.

Amazon boxes...best toys ever

Amazon boxes…best toys ever

We did not get much school done this week. We kept up with math and Bible studies but tabled everything else until after Christmas. I spent a bit of time in the kitchen making cookies, winter Chex mix, candied almonds and snockered snowmen. This weekend I’ll be busy preparing food for a Christmas get together with friends at Mrs. Cuddle-me’s place and the annual family Christmas get together at my sister-in-law’s home. My husband is not working on Christmas week this year (first time in years) and we are looking forward to having him around. Littlest actually cried this morning when he left for work.

even Batman needs to nap

even Batman needs to nap

I finished reading A Tale of Two Kingdoms this week. The end of the book goes through Revelations from the Bible and the final battle between God and Satan. The book was a bit frightening to read. The author said during the end times people would be forced to worship the anti-Christ through the power of the state. Then my husband recommended I read Going Home by Angry American. The book is about a man who is 250 miles away from his family when the government allows an EMP device of some sort to destroy the power grid. Fortunately the protagonist is a prepper and eventually makes it back to his family by the end of the book. The scary part of the book is the description of the decline of society. Some of the events in the book are horrifying and reminded me of a forum thread about surviving Sarajevo. Toward the end of the book the government dissolves the Constitution and it just starts to sound like the country is run by Nazis and the Department of Homeland Security are the new Stasi. Scary stuff…

Littlest working on spelling

Littlest working on spelling

After reading these two books I was a bit on edge and suffered nightmares for two nights. Then I heard that someone on Duck Dynasty (I do not watch it) is in trouble with society for being a Christian and Ohio is considering having Social Services investigate every homeschooling family. I feel sad when I look at America today. I think our country that once stood for freedom for all people is slipping away. But not just America…I think we are witnessing the beginning of the decline of Western Culture as a whole. I do not recommend reading about the Apocalypse and survivalist books back to back…just don’t. It’ll make you want to bug out and start homesteading in Alaska.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Armageddon and Angry American

  1. Yes, I imagine those topics before bed would give you nightmares!

    That story out of Ohio is ridiculous. I have been following it, too. Hopefully it won’t go through.

    You don’t want to bug out to Alaska. Ticks and mosquitoes. As a person with Lyme Disease, you don’t want that!


    1. I just learned that about Alaska a few days ago! We have been watching a program about house hunting in Alaska and have been amazed by the way of life up there. The state is so beautiful but I’m not sure about having to bear trap my home…
      I am glad too the bill in Ohio was pulled.
      I am very sad to hear about your Lyme Disease. It is not something we’ve had to deal with around here much…yet. our doctor told us it is slowly spreading in this direction.


  2. We LOVED your winter chex mix. Those scavenous mongrols … I mean sweet adorable children of mine … found it and ATE IT ALL GONE! They said I needed to kidnap you and force you to make us more. I asked if they would settle for me simply asking for the recipe. It sufficed.

    I noticed you were a bit … excitable … the other day when I dropped by. 😉

    Love my Christmas card and the pictures!!!!


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