Weekly Wrap-up: Creek Drama and Curtains

Sparkles after falling in he creek

Sparkles after falling in he creek

We had a bit of drama over the weekend. Sparkles fell into the creek behind our home into freezing water and mud. I happened to be shopping at Wallyworld at the time so was spared the dramatic aftermath of the incident. My husband gave her a nice warm bath, shampooed her hair twice, and had her all wrapped up in nice warm blankets by the time I arrived back home. But before he did all that he snapped a picture so I wouldn’t miss out on the spectacle. Love that guy!!! She retold me the entire story complete with tears for full dramatic impact. Thankfully she is fine…bruised her pride just a bit.



My husband painted more of the walls in the living room area. He plans to move things around and will be crawling around in the attic to get all of the wires in place for the speakers. We finally put some curtains up…we’ve only lived here for five years. Which means I am ready to move. Kinda sad in a way but I grew up a military kid and it was always time to move by the time you felt “moved in”. Five years are a long time for me to live anywhere…one more year and it will be a record for stationary living.

Littlest talks in his sleep and says "I'm Batman".

Littlest talks in his sleep and says “I’m Batman”.

I’m now hooked on the show Alaska: The Last Frontier. I get a little over excited when watching and totally amused myself (and likely annoyed my husband) by talking to the tv screen. I think the family is fascinating and I admire how they live. This weekend the third series of Sherlock will finally air here in the US and I can finally find out how Sherlock faked his suicide. I could read about it online but I do not want the surprise to be spoiled.

Oldest at Odyssey workshop

Oldest at Odyssey workshop

We enjoyed a good week at school. The new schedule keeps us on track even on a slightly interrupted week as this one went. We were out part of the day on Wednesday running errands. The kids received treats nearly everywhere we went. Banks hand out suckers, the Post Office gave them candy canes and glow in the dark bracelets, and they received more suckers at the hair salon. Needless to say, my crew loves errand day! Our schedule took another hit when Oldest went to Paducah with Mrs. Cuddle-me and boys to see The Odyssey. He also participated in a workshop with the actors and learned a bit of stage fighting. My friend took some video for me to see. I think Littlest will be old enough next year and we can all go to see the shows at the Carson Center…hopefully. Littlest is not great at church and ever since he started telling people at church to quit singing I’ve been reluctant to take him to any stage shows. Life with toddlers…

Middle Boy built another Fort Homeschool

Middle Boy built another Fort Homeschool

The only subject we are behind on is history and we will get caught up today. Right now we are reading through the Courage of Sarah Nobel…when the area of Connecticut was considered wild territory. I think we might do some candle dipping this weekend or make a pomander ball. I need to research an activity to go along with the time in history for us to do.

Littlest started some preschool activities this week. He loves doing school work and having someone color with him. He really loves dot-to-dot activities and I found a few on the internet to help him count to ten. He wrote his name on one of the sheets and couldn’t wait for his Daddy to get home so he could show off his work.



12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Creek Drama and Curtains

  1. My daughter loves in Sherlock, too. So much, in fact, that we designed her 10th grade curriculum around private investigation. She’ll be reading the Sherlock Holmes classics and learning about kinesics (body language), psychology, and logic. She’s really looking forward to it!


    1. She hasn’t gone near the creek since the incident. I found the curtains on sale at JCPenny’s, they are a bit fancy for us but the colors were spot on and the price just couldn’t be passed.


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