Weekly Wrap-up: Elucidation of the Mysterious Zed

Middle Boy at the Murray State game

Middle Boy at the Murray State game

We (mostly my husband) spent most of the weekend crawling around in the attic and drilling holes in the walls to set up surround sound in the TV room. He is also painting the same room. So when people asked me if I heard the “booms” over the weekend I had no idea what they were asking me about. If I did hear the noised I would have just assumed it was the work of my husband. Turns out due to the recent weather our area has been experiencing something called “frost quakes” or properly know as cryoseisms. These frost quakes usually happen when wet soil rapidly decreases to below freezing temperatures. If you want to learn more click here.

The local schools were off for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. We did not take the day off but we did spend part of the day learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and the

The crew visiting with our wonderful neighbor.

The crew visiting with our wonderful neighbor.

Civil Rights movement. We watched a program on Amazon Prime and then we spend time learning some not-so-pleasant words: discrimination, bias, prejudice, stereotypes, and racism. We listened to two of Dr. King’s speeches and to the song We Shall Overcome. We discussed why this song meant so much to the people involved in the Civil Rights movement. Later in the day the crew visited with a neighbor and interviewed him about what it was like during the Civil Rights movement in America. I gave the kids a list of questions to ask. I wanted them to be involved in the process of learning and not just listening to me talk with a friend. They also asked plenty of questions (not all of them related to the topic at hand) on their own. They learned from someone who witnessed major changes in this country and how their lives were directly affected by national events.

Middle Boy when he was one

Middle Boy when he was one

History is important to me. I’m not sure that we can know who we are as a people unless we know the struggles, triumphs, and failures of our ancestors. I feel like our current society is losing part of its soul and character by ignoring the past. Anyway, if you are interested in history then you may want to check out the current blog series from Beautiful Feet Books.

A few weeks back I shared that Littlest was using the very British “zed” pronunciation for the letter “z”. No matter how many times we corrected him he refused to believe us and insisted on “zed”. Well, it turns out, a certain older brother changed the settings on the “Teach Me” app to British English. I noticed earlier this week and made him change the settings back to American English. I acted all cross but really found it rather amusing. Zed mystery…solved!

Middle Boy not exactly watching the game...

Middle Boy not exactly watching the game…

This weekend Middle Boy will be turning seven. Seems like he was just one yesterday and now he is nearly seven. Thursday he got to go with Daddy to a Murray State basketball game. I think he enjoyed his time with Daddy more than the actual game. Now I just have to get the house put back together before family and friends show up to celebrate with Middle Boy.

I’ve got two reviews and give-a-ways coming up on the blog next month. The first is the movie Unstoppable and the second is Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted”.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Elucidation of the Mysterious Zed

  1. Interesting about the cryoseisms. I was told they were possible earthquake booms (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/topics/booms.php). I wondered if cryoseisms could indicate impending earthquakes or trigger them and came across this http://www.examiner.com/article/frost-quakes-and-the-new-madrid-seismic-zone-connection Interesting read.

    History is so important! As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” Hard to remember what you never learned; so glad you are teaching REAL history with its good, bad, and ugly!!!

    Zed … LOL! I thought of Zed from Men in Black. (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110502202234/men-in-black/images/0/0b/Zed.jpg)


  2. How amazing your family is! You are teaching your children Truth. Truth states we are one race, the Human Race.

    Do you ever watch Answers in Genesis or have you read Ken Hamm’s books, Already Compromised and Already Gone? What a burden God has laid on our hearts for the young in this country. Please remember us in prayer as my husband searches for a Christian teaching position back east? Thank you and blessings,


    1. I will certainly pray for you and your husband’s job search! We have not used Ken Hamm’s material since the same teaching is in our Apologia science books. I think he and Bill Nye will debate each other next month and I plan to watch the debate with the kids.


      1. We also are going to watch the debate! Can’t wait. I love apologetics and of course The Creation Series. The debate also has a “test session” (?) this Sunday according to Twitter. Don’t know much more about that but I guess it could be Googled. Maybe you’ll blog about the debate afterwards? It should be extremely interesting.


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