Weekly Wrap-up: The Exile of the Cat

Birthday part with friends

Birthday part with friends

Last Friday we wrapped up our art project over at Mrs. Cuddle-me’s and celebrated Moon Eyes’ thirteenth birthday. His cake was an amazing chocolate fudge three layer cake from Parcell’s Bakery…thick and very rich. The kind of cake that deserves a hot cup of dark coffee…this was the first time I really craved a cup of coffee in a long time. I settled for a tall cold glass of milk…sigh. The birthday party was also notable because Littlest chose to be a big boy that afternoon and drank from a cup all by himself and fed himself!! Which made me happy and sad at the same time…

big boy

big boy

The weekend was quiet and uneventful. The weather experts put us under a winter storm watch or something but I didn’t believe them. They’ve been wrong nearly all winter so far so I ignored their warnings. At one point the winter storm warning was cancelled but then the warning was reinstated. We ended up with rain, sleet, snow and some ice throughout the week. The public schools were closed all week and since they are calling for more snow tonight and really cold temperatures all weekend they may be out part of next week too. In contrast last winter was very mild…my petunias bloomed all winter long!



The kids enjoyed sledding this week. We have a great yard for it. Littlest enjoyed his first sledding experience with Oldest. He also just enjoyed playing in the snow. I felt a little bad because I didn’t take him out until the second day because I do not enjoy cold weather. We ended up with a layer of freezing rain and ice over the snow the next day. So the sledding was a bit faster. Middle Boy couldn’t bail out fast enough and ended up in the creek! I didn’t take a picture of the event…my husband really is the better spouse. Sparkles managed to crash into the same tree every day…she’s really mad about it so DSC03499don’t bring it up around her. It really doesn’t help matters that I find it hilarious…Anyway, we played outside every day this week, drank lots of hot chocolate, and got most of our schooling done too. Not a bad week at all even with the playful antics of old man winter.

I did end up exiling our cat back outside for a few nights. She jumped onto the dining room table knocking over a glass of water onto some books. Not just any books…but curriculum! It gets worse! The books were not mine but belonged to a friend who was letting me try them out with my crew. (So I’ll purchase them from her now.) Zee was

Middle Boy enjoying the ice

Middle Boy enjoying the ice

exiled for a few days but I let her back in yesterday morning. She was begging for her breakfast at the door and with every “meow” I could see her breath. Well played kitty! The curriculum (All About Spelling) wasn’t too well received by my school crew so I am still looking for a spelling curriculum (any suggestions?). Littlest, on the other hand, just loves it and has nearly completed the first lesson! He knows all of the consonant sounds and just needs to work on some of the vowel sounds. Littlest used to beg for someone to play with him during school time…now he begs for someone to “do school” with him. Now I feel sad again. I’m going to blame it all on the cat!



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