Weekly Wrap-up: Exams and Bye-Bye Training Wheels

purple crocus

purple crocus

Last Friday my friends Mama Quilts and Mrs. Cuddle-me visited while our kids played outside. The day was really nice and we spent most of it outside while Oldest was out with Mrs. Cuddle-me and boys to see Macbeth. He enjoyed the play and especially the Weird Sisters. Mama Quilts also stopped by on Monday to show sparkles some fabric for a dress she plans to make. Sparkles really wants to learn to sew but I am not very skilled at sewing. I made a skirt and vest once in high school but that was over twenty years ago. However, Mama Quilts is going to spend two weeks with Sparkles and give her sewing lessons while Oldest and Middle Boy are at Lego Camp. She is super excited. I’ll be spending those two weeks working on the 2014-2015 lesson plans…

Littlest and BB

Littlest and BB

The weekend was kinda quiet. I made it to church on Sunday and managed to stay awake during the sermon…sad, but true. Our pastor just started a new sermon series showing how every book of the Bible points to the Gospel message. This week’s message was from Genesis so it will take us another 65 weeks to get through the entire series. I decided to re-read Heather Kendall’s A Tale of Two Kingdoms as we go through this series since the book closely relates to Brother Ricky’s sermon series. Oldest asked during Sunday School (yes he goes to adult Bible study with me) about the size of Noah’s ark in class. So our teacher assigned him to report on the size of the ark in inches and feet for next Sunday. I’ll need to make sure he writes that up today…

Middle Boy and his hero Big E

Middle Boy and his hero Big E

On Monday we visited with a neighbor. Oldest needed to talk to someone from an older generation about how they heated their home when he was a boy. Oldest is writing his first research paper from an interview. Writing is his least favorite subject and the one I have the hardest time teaching. He’ll write the paper next week since we are enduring the IOWA exams this week. UGH! Standardized testing is no fun. I test for two reasons: to give the crew experience at testing and to learn what subject needs to be emphasized the following year. Their education is in my hands and I take it very seriously. Standardized testing is just one tool I can use to grade myself more than

playing outside

playing outside

to grade them.

Middle Boy decided it was time to remove the training wheels from his bike over the weekend. He’s only had a few scrapes and crashes but nothing too bad. He is already flying down hills and scaring me with every other stunt. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit the kids have enjoyed their bikes every chance they get.

Tonight I’m headed out for another Ladies night with friends. I made syllabubs for dessert and plan to get last year’s scrap book done. I’m looking forward to an evening out with friends.

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