Weekly Wrap-up: Ten Years Blessed

our wedding day
our wedding day

We reached a milestone this week. On Tuesday (yes, April Fool’s Day) we celebrated ten years of marriage…well kinda. The day came and went like any other day, much like our wedding day. We were married at the courthouse then took Oldest to the doctor because we thought he may have an ear infection and then my husband went back to work. He was getting ready to leave on a business trip to China. He ended up coming home from that trip early because his dad took a turn for the worse. My Father-in-law was blessed to be surrounded by his family when he passed on to encounter Jesus. We didn’t have time for a honeymoon.

first butterfly of the year

first butterfly of the year

I used to think about our tenth anniversary and maybe planning a trip together or something special. Ten years arrives rather quickly. We spent our tenth anniversary together much like the day we married. I taught the kids and he went to work. I spent a very ordinary day feeling incredibly blessed. Ten years ago I would have never believed that I could be so happy. I live in joy every day…a messy with kids kind of joy. I’ve spent the week counting my many blessings…gratitude filled is a wonderful way to be. I think an ordinary day was the best way for us to celebrate ten years together. These past ten years have been the best and happiest years of my life…and honestly anything but ordinary.

Forsythia bush

Forsythia bush

This week went by in a blur. I spent last Friday evening with my friends chatting and working on my scrapbook. I didn’t get home until four in the morning! After four hours sleep we took the kids skating. Today the kids will take their final tests for this school year! We’re done…ish. We still have a few history lessons to finish up but we enjoy our studies so much it hardly seems like school work. My mother arrives this Sunday so we will take a break next week. Then we will dive into our summer studies and finish up our history lessons. This summer we are going to build a weather station and study climate and forecasting. We are also going to study geography through Beautiful Feet Books. Fun!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Ten Years Blessed

  1. Oh Storyad I am so sorry I missed your anniversary – a Happy Belated one to you both! My hubby and I were in Richmond, Virginia that week attending our son’s wedding and getting to know our new daughter in law better. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter woman to marry our son (because you were already taken.) They have a boy, my grandson, who looks exactly like your young son – I wish I could send you a photo! Blessings,


  2. I didn’t realize our wedding days somewhat similar, we got married and then mine had to leave the next day too to move across the country and I didn’t get to see him till a month later and we still have yet to have a real honeymoon. Love you and your family!! Many blessings for many many more!! xo


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