Beautiful Weekend

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

We’ve enjoyed a beautiful weekend. Friday morning we all went out for breakfast since my husband was home. He spent the rest of the day working on his old Mustang. I tried to help him out a bit…well…I kinda made things worse. He did manage to get the car fixed up despite my help. When I wasn’t in the garage (and I didn’t spend much time in there at all) I was working in the homeschool.

We studied the copper industry in geography and then made lavender sachets to go along with our Colonial America studies. My friend Mama Quilts took over for the sewing part of the lesson. She also gave the crew button sewing lessons…the boys were really thrilled. I joined in with the sewing lessons and learned several new techniques. Sparkles told me that sewing is a lot harder than it looks!

Mayfield in spring colors

Mayfield in spring colors

Saturday morning Oldest had Sharp Shooter safety training. Afterward, Oldest helped with some of the wiring in the old car. They managed to get the radio working again. Later that afternoon we all went to the Top Gun Cruise In. This was the first event of the season that we attended. The weather was absolutely beautiful!!! We look forward to the monthly Mayfield event. The city closes the square attracting lots of cars and characters for the afternoon. Sparkles was stunned when the Fairlane next to us put his soft-top down. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on her face! Hilarious!!! Sometimes my husband and one of the kids will attend the cruise-ins in other towns together. This year our home town will also have a classic car cruise in.

Today was wonderful. After church we dyed Easter eggs together. Littlest kept saying he killed the eggs… Later in the afternoon my husband hid  plastic eggs all over the yard. Most of the eggs had candy in them but a few held special prizes…extra game time, ice cream trip to DQ, or dinner out with Dad (and Mom). Luckily, each child did end up with a special egg. They had to work hard to find those eggs too!! They spent the rest of the afternoon playing with bubbles.

Happy Easter friends!

I’m still learning names of cars so if you see any that are wrong please let me know!


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