Weekly Wrap-up: New Endeavors and Endings

summer fun

summer fun

My husband and I enjoyed a nice weekend. Mrs. Melody came over Saturday afternoon to stay with the kids so my husband and I could go to a company cookout on the lake. I was certain we would not be able to go since he daughter was past her due date with her first child and I just knew labor would begin on Saturday. Well, I was quite wrong and the stubborn fellow didn’t arrive until late last night. I saw the most beautiful picture of them on Facebook this morning… Mrs. Melody was holding the hand of her daughter as she labored. I wept…the captured moment was so very…lovely and painful to witness. I am struggling to find the proper word that captures the tearful

the lake

the lake

emotions that overwhelmed me as I gazed upon the dramatic tableau vivant.

I love birth stories…I really do.

On Sunday I happened to see an amazing ant before heading to church. This creature was stealing a piece of cat food from our grumpy feline. I found the strength of the ant captivating and I really wanted to skip church and watch this stunning creatures. How far was he going to drag this morsel? The crew gathered

the hard working ant

the hard-working ant

around and we all watched him drag his prize for a bit then we left for church. I’ll never know how far he dragged that bit of cat food…I was humbled by that ant. Then my Sunday School teacher’s lesson had me wondering if I take my faith for granted…do I even realize and fully cherish my faith in Jesus. So I left class in tears and humbled again…

I’m a failure as a Christian. My Oldest is trying so hard to be a follower of Christ. He asked our teacher (he goes to

Oldest watering the flowers

Oldest watering the flowers

adult Sunday School with me) about how to forgive the boy who tormented and bullied him when he attended public school…the same boy who drove us away from our former church family. Oldest wanted to know how to forgive this boy. I must confess that I still want to stomp this mean-hearted kid into the dirt. I am humbled by my son…he is a finer Christian than I shall ever be. I am humbled and convicted but couldn’t be more proud.

028 (640x479)

yours truly and Middle Boy

After church Middle boy and I went out for lunch…just the two of us. He chose to go to McDonald’s because he wanted to play in the “play place”. He had the play area to himself that Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed watching him have a good time. I should take each kid out with me more often. I have very little one-on-one time with my children.

my crew with their pile of work

my crew with their pile of work

On Monday we cleaned up the downstairs and started cleaning out the school room. I set up our science and art supplies in the downstairs kitchen…yep…two full kitchens in this house. We spent the entire day cleaning the downstairs. I took the crew’s picture by the final stack of schoolwork for the year. We ended up throwing away six garbage bags of academic work. The crew picked through some of it and we filed favorite pieces into their portfolios. I worked on weekly folders for the upcoming year while they finished up their final papers for Early American History. We officially wrap-up the school year tomorrow. I just want to cry. Oldest begins the logic years next week…and I don’t want to let go…

Sparkles watering flowers

Sparkles watering flowers

This week I joined with Claire and friends on an adventure to begin a healthier lifestyle. I’m really excited about this new endeavor. I’m not letting the momentum slip away this time. I need to take care of this old body…to appreciate and celebrate being alive…I’m so blessed.

Our Promotion Party is next week and I have some fun planned for my crew next week. We’ll make tie-dye t-shirts and decorate some folders and composition books. We’ll take pictures

Littlest watering

Littlest watering

and get the school room all prepared. They will write-up their final copies of their essay’s for Early American History…and then they will be all ready for third and fifth grade. Littlest will be leaving us for preschool with Mrs. Vivian soon ( in September).

But mama’s heart isn’t ready. Not at all…

Friday morning we will enjoy pool time with Mrs. Cuddle-me and friends. I need the time with my friends. I need to hold onto today…it is slipping away too quickly…

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