Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss: Surprised by Success

My thoughts while exercising

My thoughts while exercising

I really thought I was going to report that I had gained weight this week. On Monday I twisted my foot a bit while going down the stairs. I iced it when it started swelling and wore my good shoes instead of flip-flops for a few days. My foot is still a little sore but nothing too bad. I did not exercise much the rest of the week to let it heal.

My husband also left town on a business trip. I always feel down when he leaves and cannot sleep. The kids and I consoled ourselves with swiss rolls and chocolate milk during his absence…

I did manage to increase my water intake and met my goal most days this week (except the days my husband was gone). I had started playing the Wii Dance games with my kids until my injury. The dance games are fun and do not feel like exercising. Even the little three year old gets in on the fun and will dance with us. I think we will substitute the dance game for our physical education curriculum and couple of times a week. I stopped dancing with the kids when I hurt myself but I think I can join in with them again this coming week.

Anyway, despite how awful my week was health wise…I lost another pound! So my week really wasn’t all that terrible. I weighed myself again to make sure the scale wasn’t broken because I was sure that I had regained my lost pound.

I’m not so sure that losing weight is the answer to being able to wear my wedding band again. Some days I cannot get my ring past my knuckle. For the past few months my knees and knuckles have had a stiff and uncomfortable feeling. I’ve also noticed my grip isn’t as strong. The stiffness came and went  most of the time but is constant now. I recently realized after spending some time in my friend’s pool than the discomfort and swelling lessons considerably. Arthritis maybe?

I’m not fond of the side-effects of age…

I have read that anti-inflammatory foods can help with some arthritis symptoms so I will be researching the issue this week.

Claire’s post for the week is up and I felt very encouraged after reading about everyone’s success. I too am really bad to send my kids to fetch things for me. So this week I’ll get up off my rear and get things myself…even if my knees protest on the stairs.

My friend Ellie has some great posts on staying hydrated that I have found motivating.

Stay Hydrated this Summer

Stay Hydrated, Stay Happy

Every time I drink a glass of water I pray for the Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss team!


11 thoughts on “Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss: Surprised by Success

  1. I’m so, so pleased you are posting as well! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle though, and I hope it is all better now. Well done for another pound! I included the photo of the pound of fat just for you so you could see just how much it actually is! We’re thinking about getting Wii after playing it at a friend’s house. It was so funny, I think we would probably burn calories laughing if not exercising!


      1. Get them to join in! I once created a ‘monster’ though when a patient said her daughter became a drill sergeant when her seven year got into “training” her. So funny! If ten pounds is too long a goal (usually would take a month) create a 5 lb goal for something you can do as a family. Keep it fun and I’m cheering you on as I walk outside or lift weights. I feel so much more toned – we’re doing this together whether you want to or not, 🙂


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