Weekly Wrap-up: B-17 Bomber, Drought and A Troubled Mother

playing outside

playing outside

Last Friday, while at Mrs. Cuddle-me’s, a B-17 Bomber flew overhead. Not one of my anticipated experiences for the day. The Bomber was low enough to see the markings. The sight and sound of such machines really un-nerve me…make the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention and…ugh (so do clowns and butterflies for that matter). The kids thought it was an exciting thing to see. I suppose it was for them. And I haven’t a clue why I detest airplanes so much. The bomber that flew above us is only one of twelve remaining in the world and was on show in Paducah.

drought...our Butterfly Bush should be covered in blooms

drought…our Butterfly Bush should be covered in blooms

Saturday was a cleaning day at home. I love Saturday’s at home. Sunday I met my new Sunday School students for the year and my new co-worker. I love her and hope she stays with us. Since starting to volunteer with the two-year olds a year ago my class has been through six volunteers. Two-year olds are tough on their teachers. I was determined to quit a month ago when I had to work with twelve of the little darlings by myself and one of them vomited on me and another pissed all over me. This past Sunday was Promotion Sunday and several of them just cried the entire ninety minutes. Honestly, it would be so much easier on the kids if the teachers moved rooms instead of the children. This month will be kinda rough but they will all be adjusted by September.

friends make for a full table

friends make for a full table

Sunday evening we enjoyed the company of friends for a cook-out at our home. I like having friends over. We haven’t hosted friends in our home in a long time and it was nice. Our friends are also fellow homeschoolers and that was even better. I felt like I could be myself. We could “talk shop” and really share our experiences. I always feel like I have to be on my best behavior around non-homeschoolers and can’t really talk about the issues that are important to me. Most of the time I have to listen to non-homeschoolers explain to me all the reasons why they could never homeschool their own children or have a large family (I only have four children…that is not a large



family!!!) If I am around family I have to rack my brains to find something to talk about other than my children or curriculum. Since my entire existence currently revolves around my children and their education I have very little else to discuss. So, when I do get to visit with another homeschooling family it is like rejoicing with someone from my own tribe. Sunday evening was wonderful!

Sparkles and Middle Boy with their sunflowers

Sparkles and Middle Boy with their sunflowers

The rest of the week was mostly uneventful. Maybe that is an exaggeration…My crew are getting older and a bit more independent. I wasn’t ready for them to tell me they didn’t need me for certain subjects in school this week. Even Middle Boy wanted to see if he could work on certain subjects by himself this week…and he was very successful. I told him how proud I was even though my heart just shattered into a million unfixable pieces. Motherhood is so very difficult sometimes…

This week I have endured my annual self-doubts over curriculum choices. Now that I know they love the literature based method of education…should I change and use Sonlight or go totally Charlotte Mason? Am I not teaching them something important that they need to know? Should I make them learn Latin? I make myself crazy sometimes…

waterpark fun

water park fun

Today, we went to the local water park with Mama Quilts and two of her children. The kids had fun playing in the water. Well, except for Littlest…he was fussy and only decide to play the last half hour or so. He is a hand-full these days…Today was the first day of public school so we had the park mostly to ourselves. One mother showed up with her two little girls. They played in the water for only a few minutes before they were ready to leave. The mother was very irritated with them and decided to leave the august 093 (640x480)park. She scolded them and doubted their ability to survive their first day of Kindergarten the next day. As the mother left she looked at me and said, “I can’t wait to get rid of them tomorrow.” My heart broke for those little girls because they could hear their mother say those words. I was too stunned to reply to the mother. My shock at her words must have been all over my face because she left quickly. I could not imagine feeling that way about my children. I cried every time I sent my children to pre-school or public school. I remember the first day my oldest went to Kindergarten. I unashamedly cried when he left with his teacher. I remember the principal of the school bringing me a DSC05072 (640x480)tissue and telling me how happy I would be when my last child would leave for Kindergarten. From that moment my heart turned cold toward that woman and I do despise her still…not very Christian of me I know but the honest truth.

Tonight, the garbage disposal in our sink shorted out. Lots of smoke and sparks. I am glad my husband was home when it happened. I was in total panic mode and the house would have likely burned down if he hadn’t been here to take care of the disaster. Providence.

Today it rained…also Providence. Our area is officially in drought conditions. Our first rain in weeks and it was mere sprinkles. I just sat on the porch and watched it dribble down for a while. Felt like a blessing.

We are taking the day off tomorrow…no school..

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One thought on “Weekly Wrap-up: B-17 Bomber, Drought and A Troubled Mother

  1. Yay I would have had same face as you when that mother said that, I don’t understand. I love being around my children, sure they drive me crazy at times, but they are treasures to enjoy! Yep I have had people tell me I am crazy to HS and some say I just couldn’t I don’t have the patience, ha like I do 😉 Then there is always the big socialization remark!


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