Weekly Wrap-up: Just Another Week

Littlest sleeping during schooltime

Littlest sleeping during schooltime

Seems like I just sat down to write last week’s post. Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems as thought the weeks are all the same and all is still. Then suddenly changes come and everything is different. My babies are growing and changing and I am struggling to keep up. Why is change so sudden and startling? Why isn’t it so gradual? Oldest’s pants are too short as of yesterday. Sparkles wants to know how babies get in a mother’s tummy. Middle Boy lost another tooth tonight. Littlest has figured out the hour hand on a clock…all by himself. If only I could bottle up time…

Seems melancholia would be my friend tonight…or fiend. I just mistyped friend as fiend. Same difference sometimes.

playing in the rain

playing in the rain

Our drought infested land got a bit of rain last weekend. We let the kids play in the brief showers. The little bit of rain we received wasn’t enough and everything is still dying. Our neighbors cornfield in completely brown…the corn only half developed. My tomatoes are barely producing. I’m having to freeze them in batches hoping to get enough by fall to make some spaghetti sauce. Not the best of time for crops around these parts.

My husband went through the first science lab with the crew over the weekend. They spent a couple of hours exploring the center of gravity. We learned that women have a lower center of gravity than men. He helped the crew to build a

center of gravity experiements

center of gravity experiements

scale they will use throughout this school year. I am glad he agreed to do the science labs with the kids this year. This weekend they will finish up the rest of the Archimedean labs. Next week we will move onto Medieval science. Every Friday we have been watching “The Story of Science” from the BBC (thank you Claire at angelicscalliwags for the recommendation) to accompany our history of science study. We all look forward to watching this series and we will all be disappointed when it is over. I need to find another science based series for us to watch together.

Oldest is currently studying ancient history. I have been reading a few books on ancient Egypt to him the past couple of weeks (I love read aloud time!). I can’t be sure but I think I enjoy the

Middle Boy and balance experiements

Middle Boy and balance experiements

readings even more than him. Sometimes the younger two stay to listen to the readings as well. Ancient Egypt has really captured our imagination. I’ve spent some time this week reading Genesis because I found glimpses of truth in this ancient mythology. Someone on the Charlotte Mason Facebook page recently complained about the dryness of “Tales of Ancient Egypt” by Roger Lancelyn Green. We have really enjoyed the book so much that I could not understand this mother’s complaint. I started to reply to this lady but couldn’t think of what to say to her…to me the book is so rich and led me to Scripture. Ancient history is so fascinating.

The past couple of weeks I have been suffering through a “homeschool panic attack” as my friend at Almost Homeschoolers calls my momentary crisis. I have gone through this every year but this year is particularly painful. The kids have all assured me they are very happy with their current curriculum. They are happy and learning. They all did very well on their standardized testing this year and scored well above average. All is well but I feel so insecure. I guess I really feel the weight of responsibility for their education. Right now, my children’s future is in my hands and I keenly feel the enormous weight at the moment. I am pouring my own life into them…giving everything. Some people would call this giving a sacrifice of self…I call it joy.

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