Mid-week Moment: Lighting the Fire


This week we explored the wonderful world of microscopes. Ours has a loose wire that needs soldering but for now the flashlight works. Daddy will fix it later this week and I’m sure the crew will be fascinated with the electronics lesson. Littlest is viewing a honey bee leg which he decided was “really creepy”. Everyone spent the morning sketching and exploring the amazing tiny world in their microscope. Science ended up lasting several hours…grammar can wait because…I witnessed the fire of education ignite. Best homeschool day in a long while. I’m still learning that it isn’t how much we accomplish in a day but the manner in which we make our accomplishments. 


2 thoughts on “Mid-week Moment: Lighting the Fire

  1. Microscopes are soooooo much fun!!!! When we get ours out we also loose track of time. And your last line in a prime example of why we homeschool. Glad you had a great day!!!


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