Weekly Wrap-up: Blessings



I blinked and this week was over! Last week we were invited to lunch over at a dear friend’s home. My crew just loves her kids. She encourages me so much even when we talk over the hard things in life and faith. And we both had hurts and concerns on our hearts and still do. I am greatly comforted knowing my prayer concerns are in her heart and cherish the friendship we have that I can carry her concerns in prayer as well.

lens experiments

lens experiments

Over the weekend we went skating. Littlest decided just before closing he would like to start skating. He wasn’t happy but had to accept that we would let him skate on our next visit. The crew also worked on several optical science experiments after church on Sunday. My husband helped them build a simple telescope and a camera obscura. They also experimented with lenses and set a few leaves on fire. I love watching my husband with the kids. He started working with the kids for music practice too. I can make the crew put in the practice time but I cannot tell anymore about the quality of their practice time. My hearing is getting dull and I cannot tell by listening how

Sparkles and Littlest at skating rink

Sparkles and Littlest at skating rink

well they are practicing. He is now practicing on the piano with their primer books in the evenings so he can better help them learn. He always amazes me when he does things like this…someday the kids will know how blessed they are to call him “Daddy”.

Our school week was a bit slow. We just didn’t get into the rhythm this week and it really didn’t faze me this time. A year ago I would have been completely stressed. I think we all need a break. I had not planned to take off much for Thanksgiving but maybe we will take a few extra days to just relax…

This weekend I will be watching Kirk Cameron’s new movie Saving Christmas. I can hardly believe I was selected to participate in a conference call with him (I just listened) and that I get to watch his new movie before it is released on the 14th. I’ll also be posting a review very soon with some cool giveaway items.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Blessings

  1. I’m chuffed to hear about Cameron’s new film. I wonder when it will be available in Britain?
    I hope you enjoy your time off over Thanksgiving, it sounds like you need it!


  2. How cool to be in on a conference call with Kirk Cameron. Looking forward to hearing about his latest movie.

    Congrats on keeping your cool (I’m a work in progress when things get off track!).


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