Weekly Wrap-up: Snow Day

Sparkles and Daddy time

Sparkles and Daddy time

Over the weekend we mostly hung out at home. My husband took Sparkles out for some Daddy and daughter time. They ended up at a jewelry store gazing at all of the lovely sparkling adornments. The only other incident of passing interest was that I dropped about fifteen or so pounds of flour in the kitchen…all over my husband! The crew was totally stunned to see what a huge mess their mother is capable of making on occasion. I cleaned it up but every time I open a cabinet more flour falls out of the hinges. Fun!

Sister Gemma is in the front row on the right

Sister Gemma is in the front row on the right

Saturday I received a small package from Mother at the monastery. She sent a letter about the unexpected death of Sister Gemma. I was devastated and could not even read the letter at first. I knew what the letter would say as soon as I saw the last rights Mass reading and prayer cards. I loved listening to Sister Gemma’s ghost stories about England. She had a gift for telling stories…you could feel the sunrise on the mist and smell the freshness of the spring grass when she spoke. The best part of her journey is now begun. I’ve cried a few times this week. On Monday I called Mother to ask how all the sisters are coping. I also made arrangements to visit in the spring.

snow day fun

snow day fun

Monday morning we woke to snow! I promised the kids the day off from school for the first snow of the school year…I just didn’t expect it quite so early. They played outside, watched a movie, ate popcorn and drank lots of hot chocolate. Tuesday was bitterly cold!!! November is just too early in the season for thirteen degrees. The kids were very excited to see temperatures above freezing later in the week. I questioned my sanity somewhat on Tuesday morning for signing Littlest up for preschool…too cold to be out of the house. I’m seriously reconsidering preschool for next year…and I’ll change my mind a dozen times between now and then. Maybe Yoga Mom will lend me her Sonlight Kindergarten…

the flour explosion

the flour explosion

In school we finished up a few exams but I didn’t want to start any new units with Thanksgiving break right around the corner. We’ve spent the week working on art projects, the Notgrass Thanksgiving unit study, wrapping up the Beautiful Feet Books geography study, and finishing the insanely complicated Mozart lapbook from Zeezok. The previous composer lapbooks have been fine but this one about Mozart is about to do us in. Next week we will finish up a few art projects and get completely caught up with our science labs…even if we have to do science labs on Thanksgiving!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Snow Day

  1. Hi! I’m visitng from Weekly Wrap up. Oh the snow has hit your home already? Not mine and I dread it when it does since both my husband and I have to tredge out to work in it. Ugh! We are hoping it does’t hit us unit January.


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