Weekly Wrap-up: One Amazing Weekend

Christmas card picture

Christmas card picture

Wow!!! This was a week to remember for our family.

Saturday morning, just Littlest and I had a special morning to ourselves at the Angel Breakfast at church. Just the two of us…a rare event for any of the kids to have me to themselves. We enjoyed breakfast with our church friends and made several crafts. Littlest especially enjoyed story time with Mrs. M and the visit from the two “angels”. The visiting angels were so nice to leave us some of their feathers to make an ornament for our Christmas tree. Several times this week Littlest has pointed out to his older siblings that he has a “real angel feather” from one of Jesus’ friends. The entire time we were at the breakfast Littlest kept asking when his brothers and sister would join us. My kids are used to traveling in a pack…they don’t quite know how to be without each other…except for Oldest, he loves alone time with one of us.

Angel visit at Angel Breakfast

Angel visit at Angel Breakfast

Sunday night was our church’s annual “Holly Jollies and Frosty Follies Christmas Celebration”. As a church family we enjoyed a potluck meal together and an entertaining talent show. Our night was hosted by the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who…they were awesome!!! My older three each performed on piano for the first time ever for an audience. Oldest played “We Three Kings”, Sparkles played, “Silent Night” and Middle Boy did “The Entertainer”. They all played well but Middle Boy’s love of the piano was obvious. I was stunned at the applause he received. The Grinch “fired” the current music minister after Middle Boy’s performance.  I was far more nervous than they were and was nearly sick. Their piano teacher, the fabulous Mrs. Melody, came to see them

Go Tell It on the Mountain

Go Tell It on the Mountain

perform and my crew chose to sit with her when they were not on stage. She is more than a piano teacher to them (and me too!) she’s an adopted Grandmother. We were also delighted that a couple of family members came to see the crew on stage.  Oldest also played Grandpa in a little skit called, “Tell it Again, Grandpa”. He told the Christmas story in the little play and did his best to dress as an old man. Then all the children sang “Go Tell It on the Mountain”. Littlest and the rest of the preschoolers also participated in the festivities  and played “Away in a Manger” with their handbells. I am so proud of my crew they did so well!!! I was a nervous wreck the entire evening and need to learn to relax…I am so thankful that we were so quickly adopted into our church community and am so grateful my children have a safe place to share their talent and love of music. They are already planning next year’s pieces for the show!

Little Ringers Bell Choir. Littlest is in the white vest.

Little Ringers Bell Choir. Littlest is in the white vest.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. Littlest went to preschool this week and every morning begged to go somewhere else. Mom guilt hit me hard this week and I started researching Kindergarten curriculum for him next year instead of sending him to another year of preschool. Mom guilt sucks!

In school this week we continued to learn about Michael Faraday whom my kids just love at this point.  Today we had to look up pictures of where he is buried…Highgate Cemetery in London, England in case you did not know. They all told me they wished they could leave a flower or two at his grave. They really hold him in high esteem. I doubt we shall ever go to England as a family but perhaps one of them may get the opportunity someday.

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