Weekly Wrap-up: Last One of the Year

ringing Salvation Army bell

ringing Salvation Army bell

Another week full of busy days. Last Friday my husband and the kids rang the bell for the Salvation Army. They brought the Bow-tie Man’s  full pickle jar from last year’s bell ringing and took turns emptying the change into the red bucket. The empty jar now sits on our dining room table waiting for coins.  Saturday morning my husband and the older three went with the children’s church group to see “Night at the Museum 3” and then out for pizza and games. This was Middle Boy’s first trip to the movies!!! We’ll never make “parents of the year” at this rate…Littlest and I stayed home and I tried to get some housework done. I wasn’t very successful with the housework but did manage to get goodie bags made for all of the kids Sunday School teachers. That same evening Mrs. Melody came over to watch the crew while my husband and I attended a work dinner party. The kids were anxious for her to come over so they could give her the Christmas gift they had chosen just for her.

working on ceramic pieces

working on ceramic pieces

Sunday morning it was our family’s turn to light the Advent candle. The rest of the day was quite lovely since we got to stay home!!  On Monday we went to a Happy Birthday Jesus party with friends.  This week in the school room the crew worked on their history ceramic projects from Art In History.  We also finished up our Beethoven book and listened to his music while working on the ceramic pieces. Middle Boy (I should change his name on here to Piano Man) kept asking me to replay the fourth movement. He then insisted we turn to YouTube and find it for “piano only and without all of the distracting singing parts.” All this week he has worked at the piano trying to figure out how to play the song.

playing in leaves

playing in leaves

Middle Boy doesn’t just practice one song at a time. He will start out with “scales” (I’ve no idea what that means) then play a bit of “The Entertainer”. He will then, without pausing, switch to one of the “Doctor Who” themes (I Am the Doctor is his usual choice but sometimes it is the main theme). He will follow this with his practice pieces, “Carol of the Bells” parts he has figured out and then “Ode to Joy”. It’s all a bit rambled together.  My biggest challenge is getting him to practice one song at a time followed by getting him off the piano so the rest of the crew can practice.

Littlest's first day of Kindergarten!!!

Littlest’s first day of Kindergarten!!!

Littlest’s Kindergarten curriculum came in this week. He is so excited and begged every day to do a lesson. He figured out on his own that his books are in alphabetical order and would follow me around with his “A” book. I finally caved in and we did the first lesson together. We went through the extra school supplies and he picked out pencils, erasers, glue sticks and scissors. He also found a Batman zipper case to hold everything. His favorite find was a Batman ruler! We then went through the bookshelves and pulled a bunch of books just for him. Later this week I will clear a lower shelf and we’ll put all of his school things together. We read a couple of books together and worked on how to properly hold a crayon. He really just wanted to use the ruler so I let him measure some of his books. We’ll only work on Kindergarten by demand for now and when preschool ends in April he’ll get a regular schedule.

at Christmas Eve candlelight service

at Christmas Eve candlelight service

On Christmas Eve we went to the early Candlelight service. Littlest stayed in my lap most of the time. Afterwards, we went to Mrs. Cuddle-me’s home for dinner and a game of poker. She made a lovely and very yummy buche de noel. I’ve always wanted to make one of those!! She even made the meringue mushrooms. We tucked everyone into bed just as Christmas arrived. Christmas morning was nice and sweet. After opening our stockings we made pancakes and enjoyed the rest of the day. Littlest and I took a nice long nap together on the couch. We then got ready and went to one of the aunt’s home for the family Christmas dinner and gift exchange. After getting home we all gathered together to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.

This week was good but exhausting. I slept several hours today after being up sick for most of the night. I was also up and sick most of Tuesday night. At first I thought I had caught a virus or something but now I think it may be related to my diet. I noticed overly sweet foods can make me feel ill at times and this week I even felt nauseous after enjoying some sweets. I am glad that we do not have many obligations next week.

Lot’s of pictures this week!!!


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