Weekly Wrap-up: Epiphany’s Sting

Middle Boy at Lego store

Middle Boy at Lego store

Middle Boy celebrated his eighth birthday over the weekend. On Friday my husband took the day off from work and we drove to the Lego store in Nashville so he could spend his Christmas money (we made the crew put half of their money in savings). Everyone spent their Christmas money at the Nashville mall. We enjoyed a yummy meal at Macaroni Grill then let Littlest work off some energy in the playplace. We wandered around for a bit then headed home the long way round. I prefer driving through small towns instead of the interstate…the sights are more interesting. Eventually we ended up driving in the snow. It was so pretty and in some of the largest snowflake clusters I have ever seen. The rest of the evening at home was nice and quiet as the older three were engaged in building their Lego sets and Littlest played with his Batman toys.

We spent the rest of the weekend quietly at home. We made a Tardis birthday cake and my husband made his fabulous spaghetti dinner at Middle Boy’s request. No big party or guests over…just a quiet day to ourselves. Lovely.

you have a terra cotta soldier on your dinner table too...right?

you have a terra cotta soldier on your dinner table too…right?

Our school week was quite productive even with all the distractions and interruptions. We had some unexpected company just as we were preparing to do some yoga…nice getting caught in exercise clothing…really. Oldest thought he was going to die of embarrassment. Oldest’s high note of the week was a gift of a full size guitar. He’s been making due with his toy store guitar for over two years. Now, thanks to some lovely people from a church in another state he has a nice guitar with a sturdy case. He is quite proud of it.

A friend invited Sparkles to join her sewing class and after working on our schedule I found a way to allow her to go. She wants to learn to sew and talks about it often. I’m not sure where this desire comes from since I do not sew. I’ve decided to take her grandmother’s machine in to the shop for spiffing-up. My husband can install a new electrical cord and she can learn on her

toddler attack during school time

toddler attack during school time

grandmother’s machine. I learned from my husband’s eldest sister just how much their mother loved the machine and really felt moved to get it in working order for my daughter. She’ll never know her grandmother on this earth but this can give them some connection. I feel deeply moved to do this even if I have to dip into my curriculum fund. I figure we can get some easy sew patterns and learn together.

Our microbe science experiment was only partly successful. We only managed to grow some bacteria (or fungus…I have no idea) from one of our three agar dishes. The one that grew some critters was off of our piano so Middle Boy actually cleaned the piano this week. Either our children’s mouths are freakishly clean or I messed up in collecting samples from them. Since I constantly make them rebrush their teeth I’m betting that I do not know how to properly take a mouth swab. I was actually supposed to take a swab from out family pet too. We have a cat…can you imagine trying to take a swab from a cat! I would be a bloody stump! The very idea of trying to take a mouth sample from the cat had us in stitches. Anyway, we used our computer

Middle Boy working in science journal

Middle Boy working in science journal

microscope to look closely at the colony we had managed to grow and read a little book about Louis Pasture. We then started a biography and creative writing assignment about Thomas Alva Edison.

Littlest’s ability to cooperate has improved greatly at school and at church. After learning about the possible consequences for his misbehavior he has decided to modify his visible choices. He is so strong-willed. Sometimes I am mentally drained by the end of the day but then he cuddles in my lap and just needs me…and I totally melt. I can’t decide if he is a little Napoleon or a freedom loving William Wallace. I think that combination actually makes him more like Unikitty of Cloud Cukoo Land…This article brought me encouragement in raising a strong-willed child.

I think I need more wine…

I have some personal news I want to share but I can’t yet. Hopefully next week I can write all about it…I’m so excited!

spaghetti dinner

spaghetti dinner

I also agreed to three reviews in February…without realizing they were all due the same day!!! O the insanity!!! One of them I chose to outsource to Oldest since it is a children’s book. He will be guest blogging (with massive edits from yours truly!) very soon.  I have a documentary to post about on Genesis and another book that I am reading at every moment I can find. This week I skipped Wednesday night studies at church to read my review book. (It was my “best yes” for the moment.) I read some in it tonight and experienced quite a heartbreaking epiphany. The book is called Nourished by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolpf. They are a mother and daughter team writing about how they came to find physical and spiritual nourishment in their lives. I needed to read this book. One part of the book talks about how all of us are beautiful. We are created by God and all of our various sizes and body types are beautiful. I do not feel beautiful…I’ve never felt beautiful or lovely or absolutely gorgeous.  The book says I should feel this way about myself despite my weight. I suddenly realized why I do not feel beautiful. It is because I look like my father. When I look in the mirror I see the man who abused me. I think this is why I do not take better care of myself. This is a bitter realization that I know the Holy Spirit revealed to me. I’m not sure how to move forward with this knowledge at the moment as it feels so very paralyzing. I also trust my Savior will show me the way. Jesus is always near.

Well, I do not want to end sounding so depressed. Here is my favorite blog post this week that I completely relate with. I have has so many similar conversations with my crew. I snorted hot tea through my nose when I read this! I hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Epiphany’s Sting

  1. Audria, I feel compelled to reply. First, if the kids are studying Edison, they should also study his contemporary Nicholas Tesla, the Godfather of alternating current(AC) and Edisons contemporary. Edisons focus on direct current(DC) and his competition with Tesla are fascinating. Also, make no mistake, you ARE beautiful, both inside and out. You may look in the mirror and see memories of abuse long ago, and thats understandable. I see a beautiful, confident woman who knows her purpose and is glorifying God every day by the way she loves her husband and family. Great blog, and say hi to Shannon and the kids for me…..


    1. Thank you Tom for such kind words. Before reading about Edison we watched a fascinating documentary about Tesla on Netflix. I think it was called The Master of Lightning.


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