Weekly Wrap-up: The Oncoming Season

Sparkles and her first project

Sparkles and her first project

My life is approaching a new season. Tuesday morning I stopped to examine the spring bulbs just starting to peek through the chilly soil. With that first glimpse of warmth and life to come I realized my spirit had already blossomed into a season of renewal. Change is on the horizon. Nothing grand or noticeable to the world or even my neighbors but for this homeschool…well…renewal…our own private renaissance. All these thoughts are still finding formation in my heart. Proper words of expression elude me at the moment. I will share but not in this moment.

Friday morning was totally exciting. I had the joy of speaking with Rebecca and Josh of Beautiful Feet Books on Skype. Littlest did not share my excitement and so I didn’t really get to prepare myself before hand with a nice relaxing shower and a somewhat acceptable hairdo. In fact I still

skating rink

skating rink

had on my pajama bottoms…but the top was good. If I had been a good homeschool mother my children would have been engaged with their math while I chatted over the internet. Instead I let them watch The Lego Movie for the second (maybe third…who’s counting?) time that week. The big news is that I will have the privilege to work with the amazing people who write my family’s favorite curriculum! I will be working at the Beautiful Feet Books’ booth at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati! So, if you are going to be at the convention please come by and say hello. I would love to meet you…really! Also, sometime this spring I will begin a review series of their new Intermediate Medieval History study. I will share with you how we approach this study as we are working through it. Today, Oldest and I browsed Pinterest looking for fun art and projects to add along the way. We should begin this new study sometime toward the end of April. Right now we are about to tackle the Roman Republic and Empire and its devastating demise to the barbarian hordes.

rare lunch treat with Daddy

rare lunch treat with Daddy

Saturday we took the kids skating and then shopped at the Mennonite grocery and deli. Mrs. Cuddle-me invited me over for tea later and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon to ourselves…no children. Lovely! Sunday we slept through church and stayed home. I had a cold and my body decided that Sunday morning was the day to catch up on sleep. We spent the evening working on some science experiments. We are studying the inventions of Thomas Edison so we tried to make a working telegraph but I couldn’t get the kit to work properly. Clearly, I am not an electrician but we finally got all the pieces working. We tried to use a “talking strip” from the kit to work through a plastic cup and say “science is fun” but it really sounded more like a cat in heat. The boys had other ideas about what it sounded like but I am not repeating it here!!! We had a good bit of fun even if things didn’t work properly.

Littlest playing with unguarded snap circuit set

Littlest playing with unguarded snap circuit set

On Monday, Sparkles enjoyed her first sewing lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Mrs. Makrothumia for inviting my Sparkles! She is so excited about learning to sew. Right after class we went to the shop to get the rest of the supplies she will need for her next project. She is so excited and I just love seeing her so happy. I think she has found her passion and that really is a big deal. I also met a lovely lady and her daughters and hopes of a future friendship.

The rest of our week went by in a blur. We finished our books about Thomas Edison and Galen. The crew completed math, language arts, and reading exams. I managed to get two of the three reviews I have due up. I was mortified that WordPress had managed to publish my rough draft instead of the properly edited version of one of the reviews!!! Absolutely mortified!!! I’ll be scaling back on those review once I start the Medieval project later this year.

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