Wibbly-Wobbly: Bye-bye February!



February. Not a good month for me. I did not lose any weight but I didn’t gain any either. I lost all motivation to exercise or eat properly when arctic temperatures and snow hit our area. Sadly, another system is moving in later today and turning into sleet and snow by morning. Anyway, I may have lost nearly all of my motivation but since I didn’t gain any weight I did not lose my will power. For the most part I controlled what I ate. On the really cold and depressing days I just strived to control how much I ate of comforting foods.

Over the past three weeks it has been warmer on occasion in Alaska than Kentucky! In my book that is reason enough to devour all the chocolate in the house. I didn’t…of course I may have stood in the kitchen and stared at the chocolate.

I didn’t blog one word on these Wibbly-Wobbly posts for two weeks. The first week I missed I just didn’t realize it was Tuesday until I went to bed that night. All the bad weather shut everything around here down as well as my daily routines. Last week…well…I was having a bad day and would not have been able to post anything positive.

However, I wasn’t idle over the past two weeks. I solved a major hurdle in getting exercise time. I get up early to exercise and get showered before the rest of the family gets moving. Yesterday, I even had muffins baking in the over for the kids before getting them up for the day. I’m only exercising every other day at the moment but plan to start doing do more often next week. On the days I do not exercise I still get up and enjoy some quiet reading. I’ve learned that I am more consistent with getting up to exercise if I also get up at the same time on my non-exercise days. The other issue I was having in getting to exercise was washing-up without waking the rest of the household. Once the littlest one is up a lovely shower is not a possibility. We have a full bathroom downstairs in the basement and it had never occurred to me to use it! So I moved all of my things into the basement bath. Everyone sleeps while I exercise and get my day started.

I mentioned last time that I was thinking about trying out a detox. No. No. That is not going to happen. I’m not sure that I could handle the side effects and headaches and homeschool. We will shut down school for two weeks in July when two of the boys are attending Lego camp. Maybe I will consider one then but…maybe not. But why not a gentler approach to detox? I already have a smoothie most mornings. So why not some detox soups for lunch! Several of them looked tasty to me. I’ve pinned a few on Pinterest and this weekend made a large pot of the Anti-inflammatory vegetarian soup. The only thing I did differently from the recipe was add a tablespoon of turmeric. So far this week I’ve loved having a bowl of soup with some crackers for lunch. If I make this soup again I will just cut the squash in half and bake it…those are not easy to peel! I also have the ingredients on hand to make the creamy spiced cauliflower soup. Now that I have smoothies and soup everyday I think I am getting the required amount of vegetables and fruit for the first time in my life.

Chapter ten in Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese is on willpower. I liked this chapter. Ellie gives several examples of how to handle some diet killing food related scenarios without hurting someone’s feelings. She also gives advise on getting the body’s metabolism running and dealing with weight-loss plateaus. I’m going to add a cup or two of ice water each day to help get my body revved up each day.

I’m glad February is over. I’m a bit down that I did not lose at least one pound. However, I am glad that I’ve solved the problem of getting in my exercise for the day and having a sensible lunch already made for busy school days.

Please consider sharing any good soup recipes!


9 thoughts on “Wibbly-Wobbly: Bye-bye February!

  1. I’m hearing ya on the snow/winter issue. I’m having a hard time doing anything other than seeking warmth! 🙂 I didn’t want to exercise in Feb because we go to the gym at night and it’s too cold to go to the car. Thankfully the month has changed and it’s not snowing today. Well, no yet. The sun is out here in CO and only small puffs of clouds are settled on Pikes Peak. The sky is blue….. I need to check the weather channel to see if it’s going to snow.

    On the bright side of life, when is your family scheduled to finish school this year? We will be finished at the end of April… Which means school will be done next month!!!! Ah, the little things in life.

    I’m not sure about the how’s and why’s for your desire to loose “a pound”, but for me… I keep telling myself that once it’s not 9 degrees or 20 degrees outside that I’ll want to move around more. I’m giving myself slack and hoping it doesn’t bite me in the butt.

    I hope your school day goes well and I pray you stamina to get through another week of WINTER!


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I gave my crew a snow day today…except math and piano. Our area was hit with well over a foot of snow. This weather is so crazy for us that the radio station is currently playing Christmas music! We will also finish up most of our schooling by the end of April! We go year round anyway so we’ll just start the next level. I’m giving up on grade levels…to answer your question I am trying to eat healthier and get fit mostly for health reasons. I am hoping to not go on cholesterol meds (my doc gave me six months to improve my numbers). I’m also pre-diabetic and battling arthritis. I also pray my kids will be see the struggles I have with my health and find the motivation to make better decisions for their own lives.

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      1. Yikes on the snow! And Yikes on Christmas music in March. I like the sound of the year round schooling. Sounds like it’d defiantly foster the desire for ‘life long learning’.

        High cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and arthritis would spur me into changing. May instructions and advice surround you like comfort. By your photos, you look so young. If you have 70+ years left on this earth, may they be happy and healthy.

        I’m happy to have found your blog and I pray you well on your journey!


  2. Yes, grateful to survive February – what a dreary month and without sunshine, you like myself, have a tough time being energetic.

    You might be on a plateau. Have you been at this particular weight in the past? A plateau is when your body feels you should stay at this weight because you’ve been at it before for a longer time. Don’t give up EVER! This too shall pass. Shake up your metabolism. You could try a gimmick such as an all liquid for a few days with cabbage soup or other low calorie soups. Try different calorie counts for about three – five days. Like 1800 one day with all soups, 1200 the next, then 2000 with all water based foods, then 1000 . . . The difference is you KNOW it’s a gimmick and not one you would stay on for life. Or change up your exercise and try another type for a week, like basically weights with the Rocky theme or “I will survive” as opposed to walking. Just some suggestions. You know I’m here for you strong lady!!! Blessings,


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