Weekly Wrap-up: Exhausted Homeschool

swinging in snow

swinging in snow

We are tired homeschoolers, an exhausted family this week. The past five evenings Oldest (and sometimes the rest of us) has had to be somewhere other than home. Throw in the time change and a weekend of playing hard outside before the snow melted and we are just one tired bunch of homebodies. Some people thrive on a busy lifestyle. We do not. The kids are bickering a bit more than usual with each other, bursting into tears for seemingly no reason and acting out. My younger two (who must have a set schedule) are unruly. All this hurried moving about is…spiritually depleting. Once I get in a rushed mindset it seems I can’t turn it off. The past two mornings I’ve woke up from rushed and busy dreams and hours earlier than necessary. So I am tired too. I’ve also been reading curriculum reviews and trying to make decisions about the direction our little

building snowmen

building snowmen

homeschool will be taking in the fall. Oldest is transitioning to middle school and the decisions I make now will affect the options available to him for high school. Yikes!!!

No wonder I’ve had a headache for nearly two days now…

Yesterday, while Littlest was at preschool the rest of us had a morning meeting. I told them to put their school books away and get out their art supplies. I spoke with each one quietly about feelings, their art pieces, what we are learning and what they each wanted to learn. I finished reading our book about Albert Einstein and with that book we finished our science curriculum for the year. They have a little write up to

yours truly sledding with Littlest

yours truly sledding with Littlest

do about him but we are done. The science guide has a few more lessons about weather but we did all those experiments last summer. Our homemade barometer is still working. The experiment kit still has a few undone projects so we may do those today. I have a book about the periodic table for us to read together and then I guess we’ll start our next science curriculum. At this rate we are completing one and a half science curriculums per academic year…and I still have not found a science curriculum we just love. I’m going to look at a few science curriculums at the convention next month. At the very least I now know what we do not like in a science curriculum…

yellow discussion

yellow discussion

Littlest only attended preschool twice this week. He missed his extended day because of another bomb threat and I just didn’t want to drive him back a second time once the high school was reopened. I learned yesterday he has been learning about safety procedures at school. When I picked him up yesterday he let me know that he did not behave very well. He was supposed to  do the “stop, drop, and roll” routine with his classmates but refused to do so. Instead of getting frustrated with him (because it isn’t very productive with him) I asked him why he wouldn’t do as asked. His answer “…because I wasn’t on fire.”  Well, he does have a point. I do understand now why he has been asking me about fire and tornadoes this week. We even had to have a discussion

a sign of spring

a sign of spring

about what fire actually is! When I told him it was something hot that would burn him he was not satisfied. He wanted to know what is fire, why is it hot and etcetera. After doing my best to answer his twenty billion questions about the nature and chemistry of fire, I am only beginning to realize the amazing (and mentally exhausting) journey it will be to homeschool him. He even asked me this week why the letter A is shaped like it is?!?!

After discussing the nature of fire over lunch with Littlest I decided we needed some outside time. The day was just too beautiful to spend indoors with books. Oldest was so tired he took a pillow and just napped in the sun. He first chose the driveway for his sunny nap and I made him move to the sidewalk. He eventually lost his pillow to our grumpy cat Zee or the Contemptuous Empress of All She Surveys as I like to name her. We also found a snake living near the butterfly bush. While the others rode their bikes or napped in the sunshine Littlest and I took a walk to look for signs of spring. We found some flowers and learned that he does not like the colors yellow or red because they are too “noisy” (no, I’m not sure what he means). However, he did decide that yellow was nice on flowers but only on flowers. He then asked me to throw away all of his yellow crayons.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Exhausted Homeschool

  1. We still have piles of snow here too (it’s snowing as I write this). I’ll be so glad to see some more warm sunshine.

    I have a friend that thrives on being out and about with her kids but I’m like you – all that activity just wears me out.


  2. I can’t believe you went from snow to snakes, but looks like we’re on our way there ourselves. We ended up with a lot of puddle jumping and hungry and tired kids from so much outside play. Visiting from the wrap up. Hope you have a sunshiny weekend!


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