Wibbly Wobbly: Just Plodding Along

I think it might be easier to understand theoretical particle physics than to lose weight. I’m not giving up but simply acknowledging this process is going to take a wee bit longer to see measurable progress. I was down about hitting this plateau a couple of weeks ago. Instead of turning to a box or two of chocolate I’ve kept trudging along. No fun, but I know if I just persevere I will succeed. So, oddly enough, I was rather amused to discover this week’s chapter (Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese by Ellie Marrandette) was all about persevering!

So the scale and body measurements haven’t moved much. Once I quit beating myself up I realized that I am not in a race to lose weight. It is okay for this process to take time. Also, I do feel better. Since I started exercising my hip doesn’t hurt as much. My aching hip no longer wakes me up at night (wish I could say the same about my four-year old!). Turns out I am making progress…just not the measurements I considered to be successful. Honestly, I’ll take less pain and better sleep over pounds lost any day.

I’ll just keep plodding along at my slow pace. Eventually the progress I want will manifest.

I need to get past this plateau so I need to change a few things. I’ve added some weight lifting to my workout. I’ve only gone through the routine twice but I plan to use weights three times per week. I also plan to increase my workouts to six times a week instead of just four. Now that the weather is getting better I will most likely walk in the evenings outside with my husband. So some days I will get two workout sessions. Maybe I’ll even be able to keep up with him one of these days! I’ve added a few dances and workouts to my YouTube page. I always start out with Good Morning, Do Life Big, and Gerinomo from Refit Revolution. After those three songs I am ready to grab life by the horns and win! Sometimes I even repeat! Toward the bottom of my list is a Jessica Smith walking workout with weights that I like and plan to use three times a week for now.

The next change I plan to make is with my diet. I think I will do better fighting cravings throughout the day if I begin with a big breakfast. I like my smoothies but I do not love them. So I am going to have a yummy big breakfast, my premade soups for lunch and a very small dinner. I have always envisioned that we should have a huge yummy dinner in the evenings but really I think a small supper would be better. So I am going to try out the old saying of eating like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for supper. I’ll let you know how that goes the next week…


6 thoughts on “Wibbly Wobbly: Just Plodding Along

  1. Hey storyad, ask someone to take an updated full length photo of you and perhaps that will inspire you toward greatness once again. I see so much difference in your face since you began, but only you can see the entire physical changes as well as energy levels you’ve increased! Thanks for never giving up. . . (oh you could increase your fiber through veggies and fruits again as a shake up. Keep your intake of omega 3’s normal too. the tendency would be to lower your fat content and that would be counter-productive. Proud of you my friend!


  2. Great attitude Audria! I’m still trying to lose the weight I put on after the operation. It is very hard, I’m so pleased you are seeing results even if they are not on the scale, Less pain and more sleep sounds fantastic to me!

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  3. Great choices storyad! your motto: “Geronimo!: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” Of course health is more important than weight loss any day of the week so your mental resolve is amazing! You are so far ahead why would you want to give all that up now? Adding weights to your routine should definitely assist you since muscle burns fat more efficiently. Weights will re-shape your body – nice bonus and varying your diet will shake up your metabolism too. I’m here for you if you need me. Blessings,


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