Weekly Wrap-up: Wait…I Know This Story!

Nacho night at church...our favorite!

Nacho night at church…our favorite!

This weeks title is a quote from Oldest while I was reading about Napoleon. Oldest had just finished reading Genevieve Foster’s marvelous Augusts Caesar’s World. The previous week we had discussed the unofficial First Triumvirate of which Julius Caesar was a member and the official Second Triumvirate. The Roman Republic never recovered from the Second Triumvirate and instead formed into an Empire. Sparkles and Middle Boy are currently learning about Napoleon Bonaparte and the First French Empire. Oldest still likes to listen while I read to the younger ones from The Story of the World. While reading about Napoleon’s coronation with a laurel leaf crown and that he was called First Consul, Oldest startled us by saying, “Wait…I know this story!” Oldest then taught his

Sparkles in sewing class

Sparkles in sewing class

siblings all he knew about the origins of the Roman Empire and why he made his statement. Middle Boy then wondered if the saying about history repeating itself was really true. We then finished up our reading by learning about the Louisiana Purchase. The crew was interested to learn this little spot of land we currently call home was purchased by our country from Napoleon. Littlest then hit me in the face with a stuffed Angry Bird and our history studies were finished for the day…

Over the weekend I enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon painting with the ladies group from church. I invited Mrs. Cuddle-me to the outing and we had a lovely time painting our crosses. I haven’t painted since I was in junior high school and that is truly a shame. I really had an enjoyable time doing something creative. My painting isn’t a grand masterpiece or anything but my family thinks it is beautiful and that is plenty good enough for

my painting projects

my painting projects

me. I should try to do something creative more often…it was really nice letting go of my responsibilities for an afternoon and engrossing myself in something that took all my concentration.

The rest of the week has been rather quiet. Even Littlest has behaved himself…which is really unsettling.  Several times this week he has even asked to do some school work after getting home from preschool!!! I ordered him some fun education activities and games this week and he had a fun time exploring them this afternoon. He informed me today that he would like his own science set and geometrical shapes!  He then told me he would also like to learn all about clocks. Last week in the homeschool we finished up our History of Science study from Beautiful Feet Books. However, before moving onto our next science curriculum I decided to add one last book…Benjamin D. Wiker’s The Mystery of the Periodic Table. We love this book!!! Nearly every chapter has a simple experiment or two and the book is a wonderful introduction to the science and history of Chemistry. Great book and I highly recommend it!

Littlest and sorting game

Littlest and sorting game

I’ve spent most of my spare time deciding on our next academic year’s curriculum…some of it we have already started. Out last book for our new Bible curriculum came in today and we are all excited to begin. We just couldn’t finish the Who Is God? from Apologia. My crew hated it and I decided not to make them finish the book. I’m not saying the series is bad but it just isn’t for us. I kept having this nagging feeling that we should just read the Bible together but I feel so inadequate to teach directly from Scripture. The more quality literature (or living books) we read the harder time we have putting up with dry text books.

Anyway, that is our week. Sometime in the coming week I’ll write-up our curriculum choices for the next academic year.

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