Weekly Wrap-up: Bowties and Bunnies

at the Hymn Fest

at the Hymn Fest

We’ve had something of a hectic schedule this past week. Saturday morning the older three played piano in the Hymn Fest. This was their first experience performing in a formal setting before a judge. For the most part they got good remarks. I thought all of the children participating in the fest played well. My boys looked so grown up in their nice shirts and bowties. But, of course, I felt a little sad because they didn’t seem so little anymore. We lunched in town afterward and then went to an Easter party at church for the afternoon. Over the rest of the weekend we finished watching Ben-Hur with the kids. I thought the movie would go nicely with Oldest’s ancient history studies. The movie along with the book we finished last week (The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare) immersed the kids so well into first century times they have been fighting with the Romans all week in imaginative play. Oldest also

making the roman road dessert

making the roman road dessert

made a Roman road dessert this week. I saw it at one of my favorite blogs All Things Beautiful. He also made a drawing of the road layers for his notebook. Oldest chose to make a Lego stop motion movie on the life of Julius Caesar this week. He was supposed to write a paper on a Roman emperor this week but I decided to accept his movie in place of the paper. I think the same amount of work went into the movie project as a written paper. He only has about ten weeks left with his current writing curriculum before he can begin Cover Story. He is really excited to dive into something more creative in nature. On Monday we didn’t have to go anywhere and the day was perfect. We didn’t feel rushed to get school work done before having to be somewhere at a certain time. I was even able to get out for a mid-day walk! We are looking forward to a calmer schedule beginning in May. I will be more discerning in the future before committing to anything in the future. Tuesday we went to a birthday party. Wednesday the kids performed in the Easter play at church. It was also our eleventh wedding anniversary. Today was just crazy! We set up a temporary home for our new bunnies in the lower kitchen this morning. Then went to Mrs. Cuddle-me’s to pick up a transport cage. We then drove to a nearby town to pick up our new bunnies. After bringing them home and getting them settled we then went to piano practice.

Polly and Monty

Polly and Monty

The older three are just in love with their new pets! Littlest looked at them once from a distance and declared that bunnies are cute. He left and never returned to visit the little rabbits.  The boy is named Monty and the girl is now named Polly. She was originally named Cocoa but since she is more of a mottled gray than brown they decided she needed a new name. I’m not sure how the name Polly came about…even though I was in the room during the conversation. Tomorrow I am going shopping with Sparkles and Mrs. Cuddle-me. I do not enjoy clothes shopping but I need a few pieces to update my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to having fun with my girl and friend though. I’m not too hopeful on finding something I’ll agree to wear since current fashions run way outside of my comfort zone these days. Next week I will be at the homeschool convention in Cincinnati so there will not be a wrap-up. I will be working at the Beautiful Feet Books booth so come by and say hello if you are also attending. I’d love to say hello! Linking up with: Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Some web wanderings I enjoyed this week:

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: Bowties and Bunnies

  1. Cute lil bunnies! My six year old informed me today that we don’t have enough pets and she wants one all of her own. I mean we have cats, dogs, rabbits, hens….what more is there?
    Hope you had a lovely Easter, Audria.x


  2. I too have learned to say no a little more. It’s crazy how we get wrapped up in so much before we even realize it :). The bunnies are adorable! Good luck shopping. I dislike it too and the fashions today are sooo not my style either 😉

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  3. Oh gosh you did have a busy week! I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap UP. I love the collage of picture highlights. I couldn’t imagine adding another pet to our household. I’m trying to declutter the amount of extras I have going on.


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