Weekly Wrap-up: Mommy School

preschool graduation

preschool graduation

Today, Littlest said goodbye to preschool. Every morning for the past three weeks he has been counting down the remaining days. He’s been a pretty happy boy today…unless you try to take his picture…then not so much. The moment he received his certificate he cheerfully announced, “No more school forever!” Once the ceremony was over he sat in my lap and repeated several times “only Mommy school for me”. Mommy school…I love the sound of those words in his voice. So sweet. Maybe I should change the name of our homeschool to Mommy School…no…not really. Wouldn’t that be funny on a transcript!!!

donut shop

donut shop

After the ceremony we went to lunch together. The only thing Littlest wanted for graduating preschool was a trip to the donut store. He wanted to pick out his own donut and enjoy it in the shop (we usually get everything to go when I am by myself with the crew). I let everyone pick out two donuts. Littlest loves the strawberry glazed variety. I decided to walk on the wild side and picked out a maple glazed donut with bacon crumbles! Those are really tasty! I thought about getting at least a couple of hours of school in but since today is National Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day (I learned about it on Facebook this morning), I decided we could take the day off. We

love my boy

love my boy

played outside, cleaned out the bunny cage and I managed to take a little nap while cuddling Littlest and watching Wild Kratts.

Our homeschool ran fairly smoothly this week. We love our new Bible study so far. I think this Bible Road Trip is going to be a good fit for us. Sunday morning I sought out our pastor for advise on reading material. I know my kids are going to ask tough questions…they always do. There are days I wish I had a theologian on speed-dial! I needed a good seminary level survey of the Old Testament…just a little something to help me understand our study better. I came away from his office with an amazing list of books. I really love that the list he shared with me come from many denominations. He

Oldest and Middle Boy playing with bunnies

Oldest and Middle Boy playing with bunnies

even shared a few books for my own personal use and spiritual growth. I’ve already found most of these online and will make my order next month. We decided to start a Scripture memory box with this study. I love this easy to assemble system from Simply Charlotte Mason. We start our homeschool day with our Scripture box.

We’ve enjoyed out first week of Sonlight’s human anatomy course this week too. The instructor guide suggested I ask the kids about what they want to learn this year. So, naïvely, I asked my crew.

DSC08277 (640x445) (640x445)

science books gift

Oi! Why! I knew better than to ask such a question!!! I will spare you their requests and speculations on the answers to their questions. It was one of those few moments in my life  when I laid my head on my lesson planner and asked God…”Why? Why am I here? Why are you doing this to me?” I kinda wanted to cry so I laughed instead.

Speaking of science. This week a friend gave us a huge bin full of science books!!! Several of these books were on my wish list! The box included a few experiment kits and everything you would need to put together an elementary science program. A few of the books are ideal for middle school. Wow! What a gift!!! Thank you

Only Mommy school, only Mommy school!

Only Mommy school, only Mommy school!

my sweet friend!!! As much as the kids and I treasure these books we would gladly give them back if you did not have to move away. I pulled several of the books for Littlest for his Kindergarten year. He is so excited to begin. Today he went through his new science books and put them in the order he wished to work through. He based the order of the books from favorite to least favorite color.

This past weekend was the first Top Gun Classic Car Cruise In of the year. So it finally felt like spring to me!


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