Weekly Wrap-up: Sonatina Saturday and Confirmation

Sonatina Saturday

Sonatina Saturday

Last weekend is a bit of a blur. On Saturday this kids participated in Sonatina Saturday at a nearby university. They looked so tiny sitting at the stately Steinway grand piano. Even though they all had nearly perfect practices, their nerves got the best of them during the performance. They did come home with their first music trophies and encouraging remarks from the judge.

Oldest was confirmed on Saturday. I didn’t take a picture since we went up as a family together and I completely forgot to give the camera to someone. Later, we enjoyed a fabulous lasagna supper with the other confirmands and their families, the pastor and teachers. Littlest thought it was awesome that he got to drink from a fancy stemmed glass! I was simply glad he didn’t break Ribbet collage (2)it…though I worried over it the entire time.

Sunday was also a big day for our bunnies Monty and Polly. My husband has been working on their new hutch. We were given an old hutch but it needed quite a bit of work before the little cuties could move in. It now has a brand new coat of paint, water proof roof, separate nesting box and a little covered bridge to the fenced in grassy play area. All week we gather clover and visit with the two bunnies before our lunch time walk. A few times this week Littlest has gotten in the cage to pet and feed the rabbits. He has even started talking to them. He has been so afraid of animals that I feared he would never pay much attention to Monty and Polly. I am so glad to see he is overcoming his fear of them and hopefully we can get a puppy sometime in the future.

And just in a blink our busy weekend was over…

This was Littlest’s first full of Kindergarten now that he is out of preschool. The older kids love sleeping in each morning. Most days I finished up studies with Littlest before the older two were out

fun with markers

fun with markers

of bed! Middle Boy still gets up early and he usually worked in one of his workbooks while I helped our little kindergartener. Not that he seems to need much help. He has the most trouble with scissors than anything else. His favorite part of school is curling up in my lap and following along in a book while I read to him. He is starting to pick out a few words by sight. I also have to read every book twice…or he will cry and beg for someone to read it again. He can be a bit quirky…I used to have a hard time getting him to practice writing until I

brotherly love

brotherly love

found some half-sized colorful markers in our art cabinet. He loves to write and color with the markers. I thought that was funny until I realized that I write in my planner in all manner of colors with gel pens and highlighters…guess I know where he gets his aversion for the plain white page.

School for the older three went smoothly as well this week. Today we decided to work on science just twice a week since we have been finishing up the lessons fairly quickly each day. (One less transition for part of the week may preserve my sanity!) They love the curriculum so far especially this week’s lessons on the digestive system. At one point today they were rolling in the floor laughing when one of their books defined methane gas “as an underground fart from a prehistoric salad.” Good times in

Sparkles and Littlest blowing bubbles together

Sparkles and Littlest blowing bubbles together

science this week…

The middle two experimented writing their first poems this week. I hated creative writing in school but my crew seems to enjoy it. Unfortunately for Oldest he had to analyze poetry by Edgar Allan Poe and Percy Bysshe Shelley.  He told me he would never complain again about writing “normal essays”. Last week he wrote a short essay about Charlemagne (I misspell that every time!) He was not impressed by the former Holy Roman Emperor because of his forced conversions of the conquered. I told him that I was taught in school not to judge history by our own current values. He rejected that and reminded me that God’s ways are unchanging. I didn’t make him change his essay.

This week I was featured on Beautiful Feet Book’s blog because I will be doing a blogging series on their Advance Intermediate and Junior High Medieval study with Oldest this academic year. We just finished up reading about Beowulf. This weekend we are getting started with Malory’s The Boy’s King Arthur for read aloud time.

our bunnies moved to their home my husband built for them this week

our bunnies moved to their home my husband built for them this week

Linking up with: Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Enjoyable reads this week:

Our Bluebirds from The Northern Homeschool Mama. Lovely quotes from Charlotte Mason and nature study pictures…solace for this reader’s heart.

Blog She Wrote read aloud tips

The Art of Simple I should do this more often…

On the book shelf:

I finished up Bulfinch’s Mythology this week. I especially enjoyed how the introduction implied the book was written for common riff-raff like myself so we could converse in polite society and understand the good literature of our day. I did enjoy the myths…especially the Norse Myths since most of what I know about them come from the Thor and Avenger movies.

I also finished Schaffer’s How Should We the Live? I liked this book even if it left me feeling sad. It reminded me of a statement from the late Cardinal Francis George: “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

Right now I am reading Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain. The book was given to me by the Sister’s during my last stay at the monastery.


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