Pirate School

a pirate in the makin'

a pirate in the makin’

A few days ago we went to the grocery store during “school” hours. We usually do not go anywhere while most children are attending public school. My crew hate being asked by strangers why they are not in school. Just before going into the shop I reminded my children to behave (because all homeschoolers will be judged by their actions). If, by chance, the dreaded question was asked then they could reply they are enrolled in a private school. Very few people will ask for further clarification. Legally, in the state of Kentucky, all homeschools are considered private schools.

We quickly rounded up our purchases and other than a few stares no one asked any questions. We unloaded everything onto the belt and while I was paying for the groceries the clerk asked me why the children were not in school. The older ones were helping load the bagged groceries into the cart so they did not hear the question. But Littlest did hear. He proudly told her they all went to Pirate School! I didn’t bother to explain just smiled and left. Avast! The land lubber had nary a response to that anyway, me hearties!

Yo ho ho!



11 thoughts on “Pirate School

  1. America is suffering from 50 years of government secular humanist brainwashing of our children. It started in the 60s. Agenda or not, the humanist have done their job, and America is paying a dear price. Well done little man good answer!

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    1. I don’t mind the question so much myself. But I do get angry when people imply that having so many children is a burden and am impedance to my freedom. I really want to say something not so nice to those folks.


  2. I think that’s awesome! We have experienced similar questions from clerks while shopping during the day so we can relate. It does get old. Maybe a creative answer is the way to go. 🙂

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