Last week I managed to exercise five out of seven days…not so bad. The first two days I got up early and had exercised and showered before the kids were out of bed. Those were good and productive days. The rest of the week I walked in the evenings with my husband or during lunch time. I like walking with my husband. Unfortunately he thinks the walking may be aggravating his hip and is going back to using the stationary bike for a while. So back to early mornings for me…hopefully. I used to be a morning person…not sure what happened to change that. Anyway to ensure that I will get up in the mornings to get my exercise in I am gong to drink a big glass of water before going to bed…that WILL get me up and out of bed in the morning!!!

I’ve concentrated on lowering my cholesterol and have been preparing meals for my entire family based on those needs. My husband started having some problems and eventually went to the doctor and discovered his B vitamins (6 & 12 I think) are low. I need less red meat but he needs more! Some of the foods I had cut back on he actually needs. I’ve gone back to making a high fiber bread for him and a separate loaf of bread for the kids. As much as I enjoy making bread I rarely eat it anymore. I used to have toast every morning but now have either a bowl of high fiber cereal or a green smoothie. I put my husbands pre-sliced loaf of bread in the freezer so it will last him all month. Homemade bread does not have all the preservatives of store-bought and will mold very quickly. The kids still get their loaf of white bread but I have started adding chia seeds, wheat germ and bran, and ground flax-seed to their bread.

I went back and read the chapter in Ellie’s book (Life’s too Short to Eat Bad Cheese) about B vitamins today. She says B vitamins need to be consumed with vitamin C (which should be combined with iron). Oi! This stuff gets complicated! So he should have his B vitamin supplement with a salad and some steak (sounds yummy to me!). I once looked into getting a vitamin supplement for us to take but gave up. There are so many choices and different brands. Also, some articles I’ve read say that vitamins are not beneficial unless your body can digest them and taking supplements is a waste of time. I just gave up on taking any supplements. Ellie pointed out in her book that I can test vitamins by placing a tablet in a little cup of white vinegar. If it dissolves within thirty minutes then the vitamin will most likely be helpful. If it has grit on top then it isn’t worth the money. She also advises liquids and capsules as better supplement choices. I’m going to test my husband’s vitamins right after this post is published. I’ll tell the kids it is a science experiment and we’ll have some fun!

My goal for the next few weeks is to get up early and exercise since my days are so much better when I do. Prepare fish once a week for dinner and have tuna with my salad a couple of times a week for lunch. So far I have about four fish recipes my family will eat. Maybe I can find one or two more to add. I also hope to stay at exercising five days a week for now and turn that into a regular habit.



10 thoughts on “Sophrosyne

  1. Oh storyad, I’m so encouraged that when you reach a wall you find another way around it! Nothing will get in your way of your family’s health.

    Is there no end to your talents and skills??? Homemade bread too? Wow, I can smell the fabulous fragrance from here! (I used to create my own but don’t anymore.) Remember fibrous breads, which reduces cholesterol, is also chocked full of great nutrients too, so it’s beneficial for your entire family.

    KT Brison is right. Nowadays with the over-production of fruits and vegetable fields, the soil sadly doesn’t always provide the best nutrients anymore. I thought you created your own garden already (?) which is a wonderful learning experience and so healthy. The soil in NE Ohio is so rich, I’ve begun to plant my own garden – it will need a lot of prayer, 🙂
    Keep up the good work my friend!

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    1. We do garden a little bit. Our property does not have a nice sunny area for a proper garden…one of the reasons my husband and I would like to move out of town.


  2. I love walking! So proud of you!! It takes motivation, which is sometimes hard to come by, I have been dealing with a lack of it lately! Sigh…

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  3. It sounds like you and your family are motivated. I am happy for you. Do you feel 5 days per week a realistic frequency for a life long commitment? I know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, but I wanted to make certain you considered this frequency. I’ve been exercising for 37 years and train between 4-5X/week. If you are passionate about exercise, 5X/week is very realistic. Sometimes it is more helpful to exercise less frequently, but more consistently. With all your family responsibilities, I wanted to offer this suggestion. I wish you great success with any path you choose.

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    1. For now it will be easy because my husband joined one of those online betting groups to lose a certain percentage of weight. So right now I am tagging along with his motivation.

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  4. I need to get back into my morning workouts. Sigh. Great job with that last week. I never was a morning person, but I want to be. I think all you’re trying to do is fantastic. 🙂


  5. It’s such a good idea to get your vitamins from your foods rather than supplements. I’ve read so many studies about how supplements don’t really do you any good… And they’re expensive! It takes some work, but it sounds like you’re doing the right things!


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