DIY Pink Tips

Sparkles with pink tips

Sparkles with pink tips

I’ve been looking at pictures on Pinterest because it is time for me to dye my hair again. Wouldn’t it be fun to do something a little wild? Multi-colored tips are my dream hair at the moment. My husband just looks at me like I’ve lost my mind when I get this way…I have this rebellious streak that just bristles under societal norms. What could possibly be so awful about blue hair?

Anyway, my daughter was looking at some of the Pintrest pictures with me and asked if I could give her pink hair tips. We read several posts about the Kool-aid method. The process looked super easy and with my husband’s blessing we gathered our supplies.

We ended up going through this process twice because we used pink lemonade packets. Don’t use pink lemonade unless you have white or bleached hair. We made a trip to the big box store and decided on



strawberry packets this time. I thought the cherry might be on the red side and watermelon may be too light…who knows?


Supply list: six packets of strawberry Kool-Aid, two small bowls, two mugs, two rubber bands, two hair bands, two plastic sandwich bags, some cheap white conditioner…we used Suave coconut, towel, and kitchen towel.

I wrapped a towel around my daughter’s shoulders to protect her skin and clothing. I then styled her hair into pony tails with the two hair bands. I then squeezed about a quarter cup or so (I didn’t measure) into both of the little bowls and microwaved them about 15 seconds. I heated the conditioner to help the Kool-aid dissolve. I then added three packets of the Kool-aid to each bowl and stirred until well mixed and dissolved.  Next, I placed the sandwich bags into the mugs and poured the

dye is mixed

dye is mixed

strawberry dye mixture into each baggie in the mugs. Just look at the pictures if that isn’t very clear…

I then used a rubber band to secure the baggies to my daughter’s pony tails. I mashed the bags a bit to make sure the dye spread on her hair tips. She read a book for about an hour and a half before we removed the bags and rinsed her hair with water. Now she has lovely pink tips! The different articles I read pointed out that the dye will fade out with washing eventually. Sparkles wants hers to last a long as possible so she plans to shampoo just her scalp and use conditioner on the ends of her hair.

She looks cute and Littlest thinks she smells like strawberry Kool-Aid.




5 thoughts on “DIY Pink Tips

  1. We don’t get cool aid over here but never the less my daughter has found a washable hair dye in blue which will be going on on Monday! It’s never boring with teens in the house!

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    1. Looking forward to seeing pictures with blue!!! My children are quite horrified that you have no Kool-aid!!! I buy it very rarely since it is so unhealthy with all the dyes and I only use about half the sugar recommended. My children have offered to use their own allowance to send your crew a few packets if you like.


  2. Isn’t it fun to see a smile on that beautiful daughter’s face knowing the task at hand was safe, fun and another activity that brought a mother and daughter together. These little tasks are great examples that other families will learn from. May her smile last well beyond the fading of the pink tips.

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