Sunday Journal: Interrupted with Laughter, Agony and Gifts

first day pictures

first day pictures

Last week I was all excited over our first official week of the school year…God laughed at my well thought out plans. Just a couple of years ago I would have stressed out to the point of tears and rage over the spoiling of my perfect plans.

Umm…I simply chose to laugh along this year…and just accept the unexpected path. For the record, our first week back went just fine and we accomplished more than I initially realized. Everyday this week my well laid plans were obliterated by our lovely four-year old, visitors, schedule changes, a door-to-door salesman who couldn’t take a nicely stated hint, some personal stress, trip to the post office, nearly avoiding a vehicle accident, a math fiasco and a

Sparkles and friend

Sparkles and friend

one-thousand word plus paper on Eleanor of Aquitaine (I only requested a five paragraph paper!).  Oldest hit a mathematical wall with fractions and I decided to set our normal curriculum aside for a few weeks and explore fractions. Middle Boy is struggling in math as well. I love our math curriculum but we need to slow it down for a little while…some curriculums just go to fast.  For the next few weeks the crew will work on solidifying math facts. My shoulders are actually sore from all the tension this week.

Math did not go as planned this week…my crew’s needs are far more important than that beautiful color-coded schedule I already had planned out for the first school term. I spent

Littlest went to church as Batman today

Littlest went to church as Batman today

Saturday evening erasing all of my lovely color-coded math plans. Then I got a little crazy and erased all of my Bible lesson plans too. I loved the idea of studying the Old Testament with my children but as we’ve read I’ve had to explain dark and horrible aspects of history. Two of my children cried over some of the stories. They are just not ready for much of the Old Testament. I wanted to cry myself. We did not study the Bible at all this week. I needed guidance and simply chose to wait for enlightenment. On Saturday we chose to go for a drive and while looking at cypress trees in a creek I knew what we should do. We will spend the week preparing for Sunday. The Methodist church has a three-year cycle lectionary . During the week we will read and study the Old Testament reading, the Psalm, New Testament and Gospel reading on Monday through Thursday. Not only will the kids be prepared for Sunday but so will I! I’m keeping the plans simple for now. I haven’t been able to find a Bible curriculum that we love. So we’ll just read the Sunday passages and I’ll try not to stress over not having a teacher’s guide with all the answers…

I knew as I was writing my curriculum plans into place over the past few weeks that these were only temporary. This year is turning out to be a time of transition so I feel a bit adrift at the

Minecraft fun

Minecraft fun

moment as I continue to study the techniques behind the Charlotte Mason method. I’ve noticed that all of my children no matter their individual learning styles all respond positively and with better retention with Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum or teaching techniques. This year I will gradually remodel our homeschool to better fit their needs and my own vision. Our school room needs a physical change too…so tired of this color. I’m not sure if these walls are green or brown…sort of a diaper surprise greenish-brown. I need a color I love in here…something lively and bright. I need to find an inspiration piece to base the room on…

Lovely books!!

Lovely books!!

Anyway, I started to doubt myself over this changing approach to schooling. I expressed my doubts and anxiety to Jesus. The very day I began to doubt I received a note from Deborah Taylor-Hough who writes at The Original Simple Mom and Simple Pleasures Press blogs. She wanted to send me her book A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas. I’m still just blown over by her kindness! (Thank you!!!!!!) One moment I am doubting my inspiration and with the next breath I am given a book to guide me along! All I could do was thank Jesus for his incredibly clear directions…I’m still a bit dazed really. She also gave me another book called Min-n-Match Recipes. I haven’t had a chance to look through it yet but Oldest has already read it and picked out some recipes he wants to try. I’ll share more about these books in a week or two.

Praying for a calmer week. Please?

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What I’m reading:

I’ve never read Jane Austen from Beautiful Feet Books. I’ll have to remedy that very soon!

So glad I abandoned Attila-the-Mum  during my first year of homeschooling…I held out a bit too long but glad to be laughing about it now!

Take a walk away from the busy roads…Charlotte Mason lifestyle keeps calling to me.

Lessons from the “ghost of public school past” I should be careful not to pass on.

This year I will be learning and translating the Charlotte Mason learning-lifestyle into our home and learning spaces…starting here.

I love reading about church history…any denomination.

I love this and a big “Amen!” to the wine part…sadly…I’m all out.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Interrupted with Laughter, Agony and Gifts

  1. It is so hard to let go of our plans. I struggle with this too. Things have changed so much with the new baby. We’re starting in September, and will finish this grade in a couple of weeks. Summer school is a lot more laid back but it’s still school. I have to remember that my kids are more important than the perfect school day. My prayers are with you. Please pray for me as well.

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  2. God has spent much tim talking to me about how often I lose it when I’ve made an idol of my plans for how the day goes and He has other plans for me. I’m a slow learner though and keep having to learn the lesson over and over again!

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  3. Sounds like a normal first few weeks of school!! So glad you are joyfully making some changes to your best laid plans!! I will be following along to see how you like the charlotte mason learning.. Blessings- next week will be about the same. Sorry… it probably will… Vicki

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