Sunday Journal: Changes Ahead

at Uncle D's birthday celebration

at Uncle D’s birthday celebration

Change is stressful…and oftentimes difficult no matter if the change is for good or ill. I am a Christian and deeply believe the changes ahead for our family are directed by God’s design and will ultimately be for our betterment. Our next couple of months are not going to be easy…but nothing worth achieving is ever easy.  So what’s our adventure? Moving. We are leaving our lovely home of seven years…not just our home but to a different corner of the state. We could move to another state. It is all up in the air right now.

Yeah, I just shed a few tears. Our current home is the first place I ever chose to live. I’ve learned this week that I am far more attached to this house than I realized.  I am sad to leave. Tears and sadness are good feelings to have when leaving something good. Every place and the people in

breakfast with Batman

breakfast with Batman

that place shape our lives’ potentials…and those potentials…those dreams are set free now. I cried twice this week. First on Friday on the way to piano practice because I would have to tell our lovely teacher that we were leaving. I love her and it just breaks my heart. I also wept this morning during Communion at church. I wondered if I would share in Communion with them again. Soon sadness will give way to excitement as we prepare for the move. The boys are excited for the adventure ahead. Littlest has no idea what moving means. Sparkles is crushed. Some moments she just can’t hold back the tears.

Remember how excited I was to get back into school a few weeks ago? Remember the pictures of all the worksheets and maps all color coded by terms and in weekly folders…my lovely



planner also all organized with the same color codes? So much for all of my hard work!!! God laughs at our plans. Right?! This week everything will go into boxes. I’m going to straighten up my school room one last time and take a few pictures. I’ve got back packs ready so that we can at least get our basics in during the move and settling-in phase. Schooling on the move will be a challenge.

My blogging may be off and on for a while. I do have one last review due that will go up this week for an Apologetics Study Bible (with a giveaway). I’ll do my best to finish out the Ordinary Moments challenge…so far I haven’t missed a day. I’m glad that I chose to look for the simple blessings in each day. I think approaching these past few days a grace seeking perspective has been very helpful. I plan to get one more post up for Beautiful Feet Books. Oldest insists continuing his history studies through the move. He wrote an acrostic poem about Eleanor of Aquitaine last week. This weekend he is finishing up a book on the Third Crusade and tomorrow we will continue with Robin Hood. When we need a break from packing we will finish up a few bits of school work that I do not want to leave half-finished.

I’m already tired thinking about the work ahead of us….


10 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Changes Ahead

  1. Prayers as you go through this big change. I pray the whole family will adjust well and everyone will make new friends. I pray you find a good church and a supportive community. I pray for healing balm over your heart, and for joy in the adventure. ((hugs))
    PS: Your kitty looks like our Chester :).

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  2. I’m right there with ya with our move as well. Only we’re holding off on the official HS start date for sept. to let us focus on the move. Best wishes to you. Your attitude is uplifting…you’re right, even though there’s sadness in it, it’s for something better!

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  3. I’m the same re change. I’ve only just really started to feel like England is home rather than Northern Ireland (huge change in the speed of life) and it’s been five years now.
    I’ll be praying for you to have the peace which surpassing understanding as you transition to this next stage in your life story.xx

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  4. I wish you all the best with this move. I can relate, all too well. Moving is a big change. I’m sure this move will turn out great for your family. I love each of your ordinary moments by the way. 🙂

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