Ordinary Moments

I decided to give the kids a little break today. We’ve been keeping up with our math while packing all week. Today we only put in a half day of packing and then I gave them the rest of the day to play. The kids thought it was funny that we skipped school work on the public schoolers first day of school. We’ve decided to make it an annual tradition to have a not back to school day on the fist day of public school. Next year I’ll make sure it is a fun day for them.


5 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments

  1. We ALWAYS play hooky on the first day of public school! We go somewhere that is normally crowded and relish having it to ourselves. Starts them off on a good foot, being appreciative that we have this option.

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  2. I love it! We don’t start school till September because we do summer science, and my Littles always laugh at the school bus on its first day driving by. Not this year, though, because school started a week earlier than usual and the bus surprised all of us!

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  3. Even if it’s unintentional, you are teaching your children that behaving differently from everyone else (ex. all other kids are in school) is ok. I believe this is an important lesson because it provides options for children. A healthy personality is not compromised simply because one acts or thinks differently from others. It is not always about right and wrong. It also expands the realm of choices. I’m sure your children are too young to understand these concepts, but the mere exposure can have a great impact as they get older. Many critical thinkers have reflected back on their lives and remembered moments that ultimately impacted their development. I believe you are providing your family great opportunities in your approach to their education.

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