Sunday Journal: Explorers’ Edition

Sparkles and friend

Sparkles and friend

Last week seems ages ago. The kid’s and I spent several morning gathering boxes from local businesses. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon packing the boxes. The kids had an understandably hard time boxing up their toys and I was heartbroken to pack away the school room. We only had to go out and gather boxes a couple of days. My husband met a couple who had just moved to the area and they graciously gave us their boxes and bubble wrap! This week I plan to haul a load of things to the local charity shop. We had originally planned for a moving sale but there just isn’t time.

exploring the river

exploring the river

Most days the kids managed to work on their schooling a bit. For now I am happy if they get a few lessons done in their Christian Light workbooks. After this week we’ll be able to pick history and writing studies back up. Once the house is in order for viewing we will have more time for school work. I think the kids are looking forward to school days again too.

We did get to enjoy a bit of exploring this week. We traveled up north and visited towns and parks in the area we will be moving to. I enjoyed seeing my husband’s new workplace and driving along the roads that run parallel to the Ohio River. In spots the road is more akin to a roller coaster than a highway! The area of northern Kentucky we are looking at is very beautiful and it reminds me of my eastern Kentucky home area at times. We also crossed the

Middle Boy and Oldest

Middle Boy and Oldest

river and explored southern Indiana a bit too. We took the back roads further to the north and explored the big city area nearby. Our best find was a used book store. Middle Boy spotted a piano store and just had to visit!!! The shop owner gave me a list of a few recommended piano teachers. Later we explored a little park located at the confluence of the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers. The kids needed the run around and play time out of the vehicle.

Part of one of our mornings up there was spent with a realtor. We looked at several places but didn’t find the home we wanted…yet. A home for six people isn’t easy to find these days. Also deciding to live in the country or near the city is proving to be a harder decision than either of us had anticipated. Both options have pros and cons…

The Hot Rod Bus!!!!

The Hot Rod Bus!!!!

One of the cool things about our trip is that it coincided with the Street Rod Nationals. The interstate was full of “eye candy”. I got a real kick passing the “Hot Rod Bus!” I did not take this picture of the bus…too busy gawking at the blinking neon signs! This photo is from Rutledge Wood’s Twitter feed.

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