Journal: Last Things and Sparkles Horrible Day

Sparkles and Littlest at the doctor's office

Sparkles and Littlest at the doctor’s office

Sparkles bad day began last night. She was helping (in her own “head in the clouds” special way) carry old wood to the burn pile. We (my husband really…but marriage makes everything a “we”) are removing the old worn out deck off the master bedroom and sprucing it up a bit for the market. In all the years we lived in this house we never used the deck. Anyway, Sparkles stepped on a nail last night and it went through her shoe and punctured her foot. She just cried and cried…the end is near and all that. I scrubbed her foot clean and treated it with an antibiotic ointment. While I tended to her foot Littlest suddenly morphed into the sweetest little brother on God’s lovely earth. He hugged his sister and told her everything would be okay. He patiently loved on her, got her tissues, her favorite doll, and just doted on her! I was just a tad bit mystified…what happened to my OCD toddler who flips out when there isn’t enough ice cubes in his cup!?? Littlest surprised me last night.

Oldest working on the deck

Oldest working on the deck

This morning I took Sparkles to the doctor’s office. Her tetanus booster is due next month and since she stepped on a rusty nail they decided she’s better have her shot today. We also left with a prescription to fill incase she ends up with an infection. Littlest went with us to the office and again her chose to comfort his sister. He tried to be silly but when her nerves got the best of her and she started to cry again he sat on the examining table with her and told her everything would be okay. For all her tears and fears when it came time for the shot…she did not cry. I hugged her and Littlest held her hand and she didn’t shed a tear.

limbo at the skating rink

limbo at the skating rink

Later today while playing outside Sparkles was stung twice by wasps. Today is not her day. She cried and cried and told me she would never go outside again…that Mother Nature hated her! I cleaned her leg (that same one with the nail puncture) and gave her an ice pack. Littlest snuggled with her on the couch and told her everything would be okay. Once again he morphed into a perfect little nurse for his sister fetching books and blankets for her.

Blessed are you O Lord for giving my children loving siblings! As a mother I feel a bit ashamed to be surprised by his tenderness toward his sister. He is so demanding of me that I forget just

Middle Boy pretending to be an angel

Middle Boy pretending to be an angel

how sweet and loving he truly can be. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes!

Sparkles wasn’t the only one to encounter the nastier side of nature this week. Last Monday I was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. My thigh is still swollen and bothersome. Fortunately I am not as sensitive to their venom as other people. The first couple of days the bite just burned and then it itched like crazy for a few days after that. Now it is just a bit sensitive and swollen. I think it will be fine by the end of this week. Lucky me.

Other than a few math lessons we did not get much schooling in. The kids have helped with the deck remodel this week. Next week we will get to a somewhat regular schooling schedule. I’ll

Batman at the drive-in

Batman at the drive-in

likely be meeting with movers, inspectors and realtors next week but most of our current “moving projects” will be finished. I am praying that by the end of September we will be moved into our new home and getting ready for our second first day of school for the year.

We did manage to cram a bit of fun into our week. We went to the drive-in one more time and saw Pixels and Antman. The kids had a blast playing at the drive-in before the movies started. Littlest wore his Batman cape and chased off all the bad guys. Later this week we also went to our favorite skating rink and then out to Popeye’s for a late lunch/early dinner.

I’m ready to be done with “last things” before we move. Except for our church. I do not want to say goodbye…I don’t want to go for the last time. I’m rubbish at “goodbye”.

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