Sunday Journal: Searching for Home

Middle Boy practicing The Star Spangled Banner

Middle Boy practicing The Star Spangled Banner

My husband worked hard this week finishing the deck remodel. I helped a couple of days this week laying the…umm…dunno what it is called. Ha! It was a roll of shingle like stuff for waterproofing and I did most of the cementing/tarring…so I guess you could say I helped with the roofing. My home construction vocabulary is truly lacking. Anyway, my advise is to where gloves when handling those shingle rolls. I didn’t the first day and it felt like my hands had been sanded…ouch! I also got stung in the thumb by a bee which turned out to be far more of a bother than the sanded hands. We owe a huge thanks to a couple of my husbands friends who came over to help him with the deck. My husband didn’t ask for help but real friends never need to be asked…they’re just there.

the house

the house

In the middle of the week we traveled to Frankfort to look at potential homes. I wasn’t looking for a house but a place for our family to call “home”. All of the homes we toured were beautiful. Some required a little more care than we were willing to undertake at this time. The first house we walked through was still under construction but in the final stages of finishing work. It was truly lovely but not on my list. I just couldn’t imagine living in something so nice. The two houses I expected to like the most I really disliked. One was just too big and the very idea of trying to keep such a place clean made we want to cry. The second house was in one of those neighborhoods packed like a sardine can. I just felt pressed in. I do have one tip to pass along for anyone trying to sell their home. Please, please do not

enjoying Donato's pizza in our hotel room

enjoying Donato’s pizza in our hotel room

overdo the scented wax/candles, oils, incense, potpourri, and scented paint. I wondered what sort of smells the owners were trying to cover. Also, none of those things cover up pet smells or mold. Wet dog, cat litter box and vanilla just do not go together. My allergies kicked-in and then my sinuses went into overdrive.

I really couldn’t figure out which home my husband liked the most. I wanted him to be happy and I wanted to choose the house that he preferred. My favorite ended up being the first house, the new house. We made an offer on it

the next morning and then drove back home. We’ll find out tomorrow if our offer is accepted or not.



Today was a tough day. I told our church family that we would be with them for only one more Sunday. Several people cried. I felt humbled to know that the love I felt for the people at this church was returned. I cried.

I also found a new home for Zee our cat today. We are afraid to take her with us. She has never lived in the city environment and we fear she will get hit by a car. She is also moody and terrible with children…well everyone really. She would be a terrible neighborhood cat! I called my friend Mrs. Cuddle-me and she agreed to accept Zee. I am grateful. Then I cried. Zee is our cat and we are attached to her even if she has a horrible disposition.


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