Sunday Journal: Keeping it Brief


I am without my computer this week. We took it to our apartment…our place to stay while living between homes.

Last week at the apartment was just wonderful.  With little to do otherwise we put in a full week of school for the first time since July. The kids (and me too) were so happy to do something normal again! In later years I think they will always recall their time there fondly. We finished up our first Brave Writer Arrow and loved it. I will be ordering more of those once we get settled. These are a language arts and writing curriculum based on living literature…very Charlotte Mason.  Each arrow is based on a novel and includes copy work, grammar, poetry,literary element and a writing exercise. I also chose spelling words for them. We loved the book (Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes) and I especially loved the wonderful conversations the book sparked.


In science we finally got to the section on human reproduction.  I’m not going to share too much about it…I have been asking the kids what they think various parts of anatomy are for before studying. I’ve enjoyed their creative musings. I hadn’t planned on asking this time but they jumped right in with their theories anyway. I chose to hide my face behind the book. HA! When I asked them to define puberty Sparkles pouted with a “no fun” comment. Oldest defined this time of change as “the art of becoming an adult.” Sparkles gave him one of her famous “you are out of your mind” looks that only she can give. Well, her Dad can  too…she gets it from him.


During the week we took Oldest and Sparkles to Joseph-Beth to pick out some books for their upcoming birthdays.  Sparkles picked out a few of those Warrior cat books she is crazy about these days. Oldest found a Minecraft book he has wanted for a while. He then went to the history section and picked out a book on the Plantagenet’s. I think that makes him a bit of a history buff…officially. Later in the week we joined some long time friends at the mall for dinner. While walking around the shops I introduced Sparkles to Godiva chocolate! She chose a white chocolate pistachio ganache. I figured she needed some real chocolate after all of the reproduction and puberty talk earlier that day. I know I needed some.

Yesterday Sparkles turned ten. Today Oldest turned twelve. Due to the move we put off making birthday cakes and special dinners for them. I felt really bad for them. However, the awesome Mrs. S had cupcakes for them when we arrived at her home for piano lessons! She keeps us happily spoiled…

This week we are back at the house. I’ll be half crazy managing plumbers, movers, electricians and whoever else shows up.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Keeping it Brief

  1. I’m laughing at your reproduction! We are covering that this term and I have been wondering how explicit to go via posts. We are making some great models but I’m not sure the world is ready to see our male and female reproductive organ models!!

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