Sunday Journal: Cracking Twelve

peek-a-boo fall colors

peek-a-boo fall colors

Last week only a hint of autumn was noticeable. A wee bit of yellow and orange peeked through the green trees. This week the brilliant and glorious fall colors are everywhere. This town is gorgeous right now. Other than a couple of rainy days the weather was perfect for getting outside. I even went for a mile walk this week! I need to do more than one mile in a week but one is better than none…

We did enjoy one afternoon exploring another park in town. Littlest insisted we find one with a playground this time. Even the older kids had a fun time playing on the slides, swings and climbing wall…well, almost. Oldest was bored after about ten minutes. He is all of twelve now and the things that delight his younger siblings do not hold his interest long.

I wasn’t ready for Oldest to turn twelve. I wasn’t ready to never hear his little boy voice ever again. I’ve been so busy with this move that I didn’t see the changes. I failed to realize his voice

Oldest going on his first youth group adventure

Oldest going on his first youth group adventure

was cracking. I’ve either told him to quick making silly voices or asking him if he was okay…because I thought he was trying to keep from crying. Call me oblivious to reality!!! I didn’t know what was happening with him until my husband asked me if I had noticed the voice cracks this week. Instantly I felt like an idiot…just gonna hang my head in mommy shame. I missed it somehow. Oldest also went on his first outing with the church youth group this week to some indoor trampoline place. Not sure that I am financially ready for him to be in the youth group! He had a great time and found a friend that also likes Minecraft and Doctor Who and hates ketchup too.

We managed to unpack a few more boxes. We finally found our kitchen garbage can this week! Woohoo!!! We celebrated that finding. A little silly perhaps but we were happy to have a garbage can again! It really is the little things that make such a difference! Our homeschool room is starting to come together. We need to get our maps on the wall. My husband unboxed those today. Everytime we do mapwork Sparkles complains about our missing world map. My husband also put up another book shelf

getting there...

getting there…

for us. Sometime in the spring we are going to move the bookcases we have into the kid’s rooms. He is working on plans for built-in cabinetry and shelves along the back wall. I think I have most of our books on the shelves. I know we are still missing a few things since I cannot find the pencil sharpener. I’ve unpacked all of the boxes marked “school”. Who knows where we will find it?!

We added a few more subjects back into our school this week. The crew reviewed their Latin lessons this week instead of jumping into where they left off. Littlest even watches “the Latin show” with them and has started reciting some of the sentences too. This coming week we will

swing time

swing time

have all of our subjects going for the first time since…early August I suppose. Littlest is the only one not schooling for now. I decided to wait until after Christmas. He does a few things on the iPad on his own but only when he wants to. For now I just want to read to him. We are working through our library’s selection of fifty books to read before Kindergarten.

Maybe we’ll find the Halloween stuff before Saturday…

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Cracking Twelve

  1. We have that same problem with the park… my younger two love playing on the swings and slides and with their friends but my oldest (who is 11) keeps telling me there’s nothing for him to do and he’s to old for playgrounds. It makes me a bit sad but I realize it’s just a sign he’s growing up.

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  2. Wait until your son grows taller than you….. I’m tall (5ft81/2) and I was not ready for my son to be taller than me at 13. His feet are two sizes bigger (again mine are a big size 81/2), his voice has now broken at least seven times and just keeps getting lower and lower….
    I’m not ready for all this!

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    1. I used to live in Oklahoma so I understand the lack of fall colors. I spent part of my summer vacation in my early college years in the Black Mesa area. I was with a group of students, professors and National Geographic capturing and numbering Mountain Bluebirds. We came across an abandoned town in Arizona which I found so fascinating. That’s my Arizona story…

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